Just to be Clear: Yes, I Will Stand with BLM Against Israel

NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE – whatever is going to come out of your mouth is a lie. I can tell by your face.

There is a narrative being pushed by the Ben Shapiro wing of the media that equates Hamas and Palestine with BLM and then associates it with immigrants and trannies. They use standard Jewish psychological manipulation tactics to claim that if you don’t support Israel, you’re on the team of these left groups.

I’ve even heard one leftist group claim that Hamas is “a left-wing, pro-abortion group.” I don’t know how that jives with “Islamic terrorism” – which, I think, has to be “right-wing” in a basic sense. But none of it has to make sense. It is what I like to call “Jew gibberish.”

The claim is that visually, Palestinian protesters look similar to BLM, and also that leftists stand with Palestine, and therefore, Palestine is BLM.

The existence of Israel is an extension of the Holocaust narrative and the crown of the Jewish world conspiracy. I am wholly against the existence of the Zionist state. I don’t “hate both sides.” I dislike hordes of Arabian immigrants as a concept, but that has nothing to do with what is going on in Palestine – other than the fact that what the Jews are doing is going to lead to more Arabian immigrants.

BLM and pro-Palestine protesters are both “angry brown people marching around demanding something.” But that’s where the similarities end. BLM did not have a valid complaint. Pro-Palestine demonstrators are demanding the US stop helping Israel murder children. It was impossible to meet the demands of BLM, or even understand what they were. We couldn’t stop a racist conspiracy that didn’t exist. It was frustrating and exhausting. Conversely, the US could very easily stop Israel from murdering innocent people. It could be done by the president or by Congress. The slaughter could be stopped within 48 hours.

My complaints about Jews and Israel go very far beyond what is happening in Palestine, and they go very far beyond the understanding of any leftist who supports Palestine. However, if a leftist (even a tranny) supports Palestine against Israel, they are doing the right thing. That’s just the way it is. Nothing can ever change that. Hamas are the good guys.

I understand that there is a lot of disinformation, so this is going to be a long one.

First Section Following Introduction

I listen to anti-Semitic internet personality and fashion icon Nick Fuentes, and he does regular “vocab checks.” A “vocab check” is including a “college word” or a “Jeopardy word” in communication, and you “check” your audience to see if they know the word. I don’t personally do this in public communication. It’s a valid stylistic choice and behavior, but “checking” the audience to see if they know a word feels to me like going big on the audience (“going big” is nigger slang, the use of which is sort of the opposite of a vocab check). He recently used a piece of irregular language that is useful for the analysis of the equating of BLM with Palestine.

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Personal vocabulary note: I’m a writer, and when you’re writing, you can use a thesaurus. It’s very easy to use words that you don’t even know the meaning of. It’s a way to immediately spot amateur writing by just glancing at it – amateurs will (almost universally) use a thesaurus to try to pepper their materials, and give the illusion of depth and intellect. It’s very easy to do on a computer (you can install software that allows you to right click a word and pull up thesaurus words). I did this with a paper dictionary when I was in 7th grade. Back then, they used to cut down trees (the things outside with the leaves on them) and use the wood to make a pulp they could turn into “books” that included paper sheets with words. A teacher, a very nice fat lady who believed in the Holocaust but was otherwise smart, and was very interested in my writing, explained what I’m explaining to you: thesauruses are for elaborating your personal understanding or for trying to find words that rhyme, they’re not for writing. This was a lucky break (God has given me quite a few), because I’ve heard people claim that college professors told them a thesaurus is for writing. “A thesaurus is not for writing” is a piece of wisdom that sounds like it’s from Mark Twain and which should be given to all students.

I like that Nick drops these words on an audience of mostly high schoolers that don’t understand the meaning. It’s funny. It fits into a kind of “hostility towards audience” meta humor he has going on. He’s not trying to demonstrate his intellect in a gaudy way, as someone suggested to me once. He actually sometimes uses archaisms, which proves that it’s a joke, at least in part – it’s a self-conscious fun thing, not a real attempt to appear smarter than the audience. And, in fact, jargon can be useful in understanding complex ideas.

By the way, since I’ve already opened up a bit about my writing style, I’ll add: I am aware my paragraphing is not appropriate at all. Nothing, in fact, about my writing is appropriate, including all of the content. I have developed a personal style of writing that is attuned to the medium of the internet. In fact, I’ve actually pioneered an entirely new style of writing to fit the medium. I am aware of how young people read on the internet, and the style is consciously designed to fit that. I also invented “physical internet humor,” by the way (example here).

Back before all mention of me was blacklisted by the media, my style guide was leaked to the media. It was leaked by me, on purpose, so the media would publish a bunch of articles saying “wow, he’s surprisingly a genius.” It was a “big scoop” back then. This is why virtually all mention of me was banned from all media – I was winning, bigly. I was able to get them to print what I wanted them to print. This might sound like mastermind shit, but it’s not. It’s very easy to manipulate journalists, because they are astonishingly stupid and inept. Journalists are such babies, a British think tank had to come in and publish not one but two papers about what I was doing, and declare that I just shouldn’t be mentioned at all.

Marantz used a thesaurus for “fastidious.” It’s a bit the New Yorker has done for decades to make their readers feel smart. So, I guess this is a valid commercial use of a thesaurus in writing, actually: “selling your readers the idea they are smarter than they actually are.”

Longtime readers will remember that I used to be in the media every day. Nothing has changed. The readership of the website has actually increased since the low point of the mass censorship, as I built an audience that is all longtime readers. (There is no more social media or Google linkage, the entire audience bookmarks the site. There is no other legal internet publication suffering from this.)

It may further interest you to know that I was writing for the media, and the media was writing for my audience. I can tell you as an absolute matter: mass media coverage does not get you more readers. I know how shocking that is. I was also sort of shocked, initially. Then, I figured it out and became annoyed with people assuming it was some big booster for me to be on CNN or the New York Times. No one reading the Times reads a story about an evil neo-Nazi and says “maybe I should get into neo-Nazism.” Further, liberals have no curiosity about anything in the entire universe. They assume that everything they need to know will be told to them by the authorities. Meanwhile, “neo-Nazi outrage porn” is not beneficial to the narrative of Fox News or somewhere else where someone might say “let’s see what this racist guy is saying about the niggers,” so I was never really on the “conservative” media (at least not to anywhere near the extent I was in the left media.) Also, there reached a point where everyone knew who I was, at least in name, so anyone who was going to check the site already had. (The real driver of traffic was always social media and search engines, which allowed for discovery of my writing through a topic of interest. Banned from both, I can still maintain millions of uniques a month because this shit is fire. Well, probably not this article. This already appears to be out of control. I can feel it. But the site generally is very good.)

The reason I was obsessed with the media coverage was for the benefit of my own readers. The media coverage was part of the Daily Stormer multimedia internet experience. The journalists believed that I was a cartoon neo-Nazi, because they are like babies who believe in the Boogieman, so they would print anything I wrote with a straight face. I could target them with stuff I knew they would print, and then add these ridiculous elements which often didn’t even make sense, and they would print it, and then my readers would see it, and it would become part of the multimedia internet reading experience of the Daily Stormer.

It was a lot of fun. But I’m glad it’s over. Being in the media constantly creates extreme stress. I sympathize with all famous people. The five most dreadful words in the English language are: “I saw you on TV.” For me, I had to give the person five minutes and see if they were somehow going to publicly expose my location, in which case, I would have to move. The hounds were always barking back then, you see. Years of “my face is on TV and I can hear barking hounds” gave me an iron will. Tested by fire. That’s why I’m able to deal with my brain tumor in such a jovial manner. In the process of the experience of being “Andrew Anglin/Daily Stormer,” I’ve completely lost the ability to respond to anything serious with something other than laughter. This is what’s called a “coping mechanism,” kids, and as your parasocial friend with whom you have a meaningful relationship, I advise you to acquire as many of them as you possibly can. Just stack ’em up. They’re like teen hookers – you can’t ever have enough of them.

I’m reviewing the Beatles discography, by the way.

There is a public record you can check, where these people would just print absolutely ridiculous shit I said. Some of you remember it. If it wasn’t for the blackout, CNN and the AP would have headlines this week about my brain tumor, and about how they’d contacted the Irish authorities and told them to look for me; I came in last night on a pontoon boat and I’m probably at the IRA base. While that lasted – and it lasted for a while – it was so, so funny.

For example, in 2017, X number of news outlets reported, with very serious faces, that I was going to do a public demonstration with “armed Hamas members” and that we were going to march for miles through the snow in Montana. This was a weeks long thing, with daily updates in the media about the impending demonstration. The entire readership knew it was a joke, and somehow the media didn’t.

It’s possible you had to be there to understand it. It was a moment in time.

Anyway. I forget what I was even talking about.

Wait, this is a Palestine article? What? I thought I was talking about the Irish? (I guess I was just thinking about the Irish.)

Well. I’m blaming the brain tumor. It’s giving me the power of spiritual insight, including a messiah complex, and it is giving me the power of the 3,000-word old school Stormer page, but it is also, paradoxically, sometimes muddying my concentration.

I remember now: I’m talking about “style,” while at the same time physically giving an example of the style. It’s some cruel bit I’ve devised, or maybe the tumor thought of it, but this has gotten completely out of hand. I was supposed to do two paragraphs where I used a thesaurus to make heinous impenetrable nonsense, but we’ve got to right this ship – it was a funny idea I had ten minutes ago, but there’s no time for it now. You’re just going to have to imagine I did that. I keep telling you: “imagination is soul voodoo” (btw, that phrase is copyrighted).

Oh, jeez, you guys. I just read the opening of this article.

This is a nightmare.

Deep breaths.

So… Israel, Palestine, BLM, trannies… ah. Nick Fuentes jargon breakdown. Here we are.

In this podcast I heard, Nick Fuentes, also known as Nick Foy-in-Taze (pronounce every syllable, please) was speaking on this issue of the attempt by Zionist shills to equate the geopolitical struggle of Hamas/Palestine with BLM/immigrants/etc. as “more obnoxious whining brown people,” and he said that these people are relying on “the transitive property or the commutative property” to misdirect people. Transitive and commutative are both irregular words without applying any sociological properties. You hear someone say in an otherwise normal conversation “oh yeah, they’re relying on the transitive property or the commutative property,” and it’s like “wait, what the fuck?”

I’ve realized just now that most people probably just ignore words they don’t know because the meaning can be understood in context, and what I experienced isn’t an experience a lot of people have. However, I’ve had a conversation with someone about Nick where they asked about him casually dropping random pieces of academic jargon, and the guy was like, mad about it, and I didn’t understand. Now I understand what it is like to be fucked with like this.

After a pause, my brain, perhaps with the tumor’s help, said: “transitive” is most commonly a grammar term (i.e., “transitive verb”), and “commutative” is something related to math. When we add “property” to them, they’re math terms which can be applied to sociological or psychological phenomenon, John Nash style. In context, it basically means “new thing in environment = existing thing in environment.”

I’m not gonna lie, I googled this shit. I wanted the math equations from which they are derived. I took remedial math, but I seriously doubt 1 in 10,000 people know what these terms mean. (I’m one of them now. Soon, you will be, too.) Nick is always late for his show because he’s busy reading stacks of algebra books. When he’s president, someone will question him, and he’ll be like: “hey, buddy – I earned this job. While you were jacking off to pedophile nip cartoons, I was reading algebra books.”

Huge displays of support for Palestine are a new thing, which has resulted from the bombing of Gaza. The protests are, visually, very similar to the BLM protests. It is, after all, a lot of brown people, with some white women in tow, demanding something. That is definitely the description of what is happening, which is a description that also applies to BLM.

With BLM, there was no valid or viable demand – the protests were an act of mindless and baseless aggression against white people, and often or usually turned into mass violence. I haven’t seen serious violence from the Palestinians, but I would assume there is some aggression that is off-putting to white people (who, if we’re just being frank, did not ever ask for these people to be brought into their countries).

Shapiro’s job is to manipulate stupid people who don’t like trannies or violent crime into becoming fanatical supporters of the Zionist occupation of Palestine. In this case, he is manipulating the brain’s pattern recognition mechanism.

It’s all about using the aesthetics of the thing. If people were to ask “well, what does that mob of brown people want?” and the answer was “they want the US to stop helping Israel murder children – the Jews have killed thousands of children for revenge and those brown people are mad about it,” basically everyone on earth would say “well, that sounds like a reasonable demand, actually.”

There is no way to actually justify “industrial scale murder of children.” Therefore, what Shapiro, et al. are doing is trying to prevent people from actually engaging with what is happening by focusing on the way the thing looks.

Author’s Note: I’m running out of energy here and have other things to do today, but I’m in it for the long haul. We will reach a satisfying conclusion, or I will starve to death sitting here typing.

“The Magic of Mathematics”

The transitive property is when if “X equals A and X equals Y than Y equals A.” Therefore, if BLM is a group of violent nonwhites demanding something, and Palestinians are a group of violent nonwhites demanding something, BLM equals Palestine. The commutative property is an equation where the end result of a series of factors remains the same even if you change the order of the factors, i.e., “X + Y = Y + X.”

So, we have something interesting to consider. An angle.

I’m not good at math, but math people will say “everything is math,” and I know enough about psychology to know that people are virtually always subconsciously running various equations in their heads related to social or political concepts, or really anything in their physical environment. Though we have souls, creativity, and decision-making ability, humans are otherwise sort of like robots (or the reverse, I suppose). Even something like “fight or flight” is an immediate math calculation, where your brain is effectively determining relative mass and speed in order to make a call on fighting or fleeing. If you didn’t have these skills you would die, and not reproduce, so everyone alive inherited these skills.

Things you see on TV are interpreted by your brain as being in your environment, and pro-Palestine demonstrations are probably something people are seeing in real life. When you see Hamas fighting against Israel, and you see the protests, and all of this hysteria, your brain is being asked to make a determination about the nature of this thing that is happening in your environment. “Reaching an understanding about the nature of the element in an environment through categorization” is a basic human survival mechanism. It’s called “pattern recognition.” This usually needs to be done relatively quickly, and – this is key – after a determination regarding classification is made, it is not usually reexamined.

This speaks to the larger issue of why people almost never change their opinions on anything to any significant extent: it is hardwired into the brain to maintain the course already committed to. If you give a boy a couple of humiliating personal experiences with black people, you’ve got a life-long nigger-hater. He has categorized an element of his environment, and it is unlikely he will ever have a reason to reexamine it. He won’t even listen to Otis Redding.


The conservative movement is being bombarded with “Palestine is BLM” propaganda. If people commit to that, they are unlikely to question it in the future.

The reverse thing is happening to the left. It is actually in their “interest,” or what they perceive to be their interest (the interest of the agenda that they are committed to), to support Israel, yet they’ve been reflexively trained to believe brown people are always victims, regardless of context. That is summed up with this:

The wacky part is that it is Jewish ideology that says “violent brown people making demands = good.” If Jews didn’t exist, no one would ever imagine that violent brown people making demands of them is a good thing. It’s actually monumentally impressive that Jews were able to convince anyone of this. They apparently convinced a lot of people.

These rats have been hoisted with their own petard.

I Don’t Care What Leftists Believe

If leftists glitch out and support a right-wing agenda, and I end up standing next to them, that has nothing to do with me or my agenda – other than that they might help me, to their own detriment.

In the case of the tranny wanting his tranny shots from Israel but supporting Palestine because brown people are always victims and he views Jews as affluent white people, in supporting Palestine he is flicking a domino that could result in trannies being made illegal in America.

There are other examples of this “agreeing with leftists for the wrong reasons” concept. For example:

  • Leftists are sometimes against porn because they say it is abusive to women – I think the women in porn are bloodsucking whores who deserve no sympathy and should be criminally prosecuted and probably executed, but I am against porn because it exploits the male consumer
  • A lot of feminists (TERFs) are against trannies
  • Some pro-abortion people successfully used the transitive property or whatever the fuck to determine that forced vaccination was a violation of “my body, my choice” (they believe abortion is a personal autonomy issue, while I believe the “fetus” is a person, so don’t believe abortion is an issue of personal autonomy, and the personal autonomy issue relates to the woman choosing to have sex and get pregnant in the first place – insofar as I believe women should have personal autonomy in the way men do, and my belief in that is very limited)

Again, there are all different kinds of places where these math equations the brain does can come up with results that do not line up with the stated belief system for aesthetic reasons. It’s a glitch. Right-wingers do it more than left-wingers. Every right-wing ideology is basically “let me explain to you how my philosophical framework is glitching out.” (Note: ideology and philosophy are two separate things, the latter having supplanted the former in the 19th century.)

On the issue of “decolonization” – a buzzword used by leftists and applied to Palestine – I probably support it a lot more than leftists support it, for different reasons. Increasingly, I understand that all forms of colonialism were a mistake, excluding British colonialism in America, where the native population was physically removed. None of the other colonial projects was successful, in that it benefited the colonizers or Europe generally. The standard right-wing counterargument is that the projects failed because they were cut short, botched, or sabotaged, but regarding the colonies in Africa, India, and so on, what they would have become if they were not canceled after WWII doesn’t look very good to me.

With colonialism – and let’s hope this doesn’t lead to another 1,000-word aside, because I am going to die – I don’t really understand what the goal was. If you wanted spices, why not just buy them? If the natives didn’t know how to farm the spices correctly or whatever, why not just teach them how to do the farming and then buy the spices from them? What was the point of trying to “bring civilization to the natives” if all you wanted was spices? You don’t need to teach the children in a school and set up all of this civil infrastructure. The Chinese don’t set up civil infrastructure. They set up trade infrastructure and sometimes teach people how to do the things they want them to do, then trade with them. It’s working very well. They don’t go into Africa and set up schools to teach African children how to act like they’re Chinese.

I guess the point is that back then there was a legitimate issue of limited space in Europe. But in that case, the natives should have just been told they had to move somewhere else. It doesn’t have to be nasty. You could pay them to move. None of these places were densely populated at the time. I just don’t understand all this John Lennon shit that is attached to colonialism. There was no need for everyone on earth to hold hands and sing “Imagine.” There is no need now, and there was no need then.

Decolonization’s basic premise is correct: you should have just left people alone. I mean. Seriously. You don’t have to sail around the world doing shit to people or trying to get them do do shit. Just leave people alone.

There is no form of neocolonialism that looks good to me, even under a right-wing government.

Meanwhile, the left, which supposedly supports decolonization in speech, is the driving force behind neocolonialism. They support manipulating African governments into forcing people to have gay sex. Further, all of their liberations are actually neocolonial agendas. For example, the Ukraine and Taiwan are actually neocolonial agendas against Russia and China, respectively. It’s no different from the way the “liberation” of Israel is being used as a colonial agenda against Arabs and Iran, it’s just that Israel has different optics, and the optics upset people.

The consistent position is to always side against the empire in the name of the people.

The consistent left position would be to side with Israel, which is a small neocolonial wedge/aggressor like the Ukraine or Taiwan. But the Jews have pressed these racial grievance politics on the left, so the left doesn’t understand the underlying dynamics of their own worldview.

That’s the charitable interpretation, by the way.

The Ultimate Realization

Leftist ideology is ridiculous, garbled gibberish. There are some principles in it, but the underlying principles are anti-human, and no human (other than the Jews, if you want to consider them human) can maintain a consistent position against humanity.

Therefore: if leftists are standing beside you on a specific agenda, it doesn’t really mean anything. It would almost have to happen at some point, because their belief system is so garbled. What’s more: brown people are not really “leftists,” most of the time. Even if you just look at the blacks – how do you think blacks feel about trannies? The reason nonwhites support left politics in white countries is that left politics result in material gain for them, not because they are signed on to the ideology (obviously, some brown people are signed onto the ideology, but it’s a small minority).

It does not bother me even a little bit to be standing beside BLM, immigrants, and trannies against Israel. No one is going to shame me over this. I will shame them as Jews and Jew shills.

Furthermore, All Humanity Should be United Against Israel

All humans should be naturally repulsed and outraged by what Israel is doing, and declare that it is simply intolerable.

It is intolerable.

Imagine if a man was going around killing babies in your neighborhood, leaving chopped-up baby corpses in the street, and the police were refusing to arrest him. If you saw that BLM had issued a statement against killing babies, would you respond by thinking “well, if BLM is against it, I support the baby-killer – he should not be prevented from killing babies or punished in any way.”

You can be against leftists. You’re aware of all of the things I say about them. But they are still human beings, with souls. This is something that a Christian cannot deny. They think what the Jews are doing is wrong, and they’re right.

The Moral Case is Enough, But…

As you know, I am generally opposed to moral outrage as a political force. Moral crusades are almost always a hoax, and further, things are tough all over. However, this situation in Gaza is a massive and ongoing public atrocity. The Jews are exterminating innocent people in the most brutal display the world has ever seen, right in front of everyone, and there is a need, as a Christian, to state a moral opposition to that.

NB4: “Oh then well what about the Uyghurs???” Firstly, that’s fake. Secondly, the argument from Uyghur believers is that we should meddle in China’s internal affairs. I’m not calling for the US to support Hamas. Actually, yes, I am calling for that, but it’s an unreasonable demand. What I am calling for is for the US to stop supporting Israel. If China was exterminating Uyghurs and the US was sending them weapons to help with the extermination, I would be against that. Right now, the US is the power supporting what Israel is doing. That’s our government, and that blood is on our hands.

Because of that, you have to support Palestine.

You can’t say “I’m against them both” or “I don’t care.” You have to state, positively, that you support Palestine, that you want the United States to stop providing financial and military support to the Zionist occupation.




The moral argument, though it is the key focus of the leftists protesting against this (because they have zero understanding of geopolitics), is not my key focus. What is on the table here is a war across the entire Middle East and against Iran. This would be devastating for the United States, and for Europe.

Do you think immigration was bad in 2015, as a result of a relatively small band of bandits in Syria? Imagine a war that is effectively 100 times that size. How many immigrants are there going to be?

Moreover – and I’ve been trying to blow the whistle on this, because no one is saying it – Iran is going to start doing terrorist bombings in America.

I don’t think people understand this issue: the Iranians are not stupid people. The country is run by competent people. That is especially true of the military authority. They’ve set up sleeper cells in the United States, via this open borders immigration program. The US security apparatus has no ability to detect or prevent the activation of sleeper cells from the various Iran-aligned countries. These people are going to start doing bombings.

Now, look at how Americans and white people generally responded to the virus hoax. How do you think they will respond to a consistent stream of terrorist bombings? The governments of the West are going to institute an absolute tyranny and whites will go along with it. The government will be flooding you with Islamic immigrants while stripping you of every basic freedom to ostensibly stop Islamic terrorist attacks. At this point, they can do that. People don’t care about the truth and are not bothered by state-enforced contradictions.

Stopping the attacks would be impossible. This is established. If someone wants to kill strangers, no one can stop them. If you don’t want people to kill strangers, you have to have a society without people who want to kill strangers.

Most importantly: we want the empire to collapse. That is what all of my body of writing is about: the necessity of the collapse of this Anal Empire. It is running out of steam now. The only way it could possibly ever win is militarily, and the longer it waits to use the military option, the less viable that becomes.

There is, effectively, a 100% overlap between the interests of Russia and the United States population. We both have the same enemy.

This Could be a Turning Point

Here’s the fascinating ending to this maliciously long piece of material: we could be looking at good news.

There is a chance that we have reached the point where things have to change, because they can’t go on any longer. The “balance of power” in the Middle East has collapsed more or less totally. Traditionally, the US strategy would be to align with Sunnis against Shia Iran. There wasn’t much of an appetite among Sunnis for that before Israel did this, but now that Israel did this, it would be impossible to bait Sunnis into that.

Iran has successfully framed itself as the protector of Palestine, and this overrides the Shia-Sunni split. (This split, as I’ve said before, has not been constant throughout history anyway.) The Jews themselves are screaming about how Iran is supporting Hamas (a Sunni group, by the way). It is an accepted fact that Iran is the primary power defending Palestine. So how can any Moslem group, other than some ridiculous CIA group like ISIS, go to war with Iran in the foreseeable future? It doesn’t make sense.

If the Jews convinced the government of Saudi Arabia to support war with Iran, it would be clear to everyone that Saudi was acting as a proxy for the US/Israel, and that would cause all Moslems – including the people of Saudi Arabia – to have total meltdowns. All 1.5 billion of them would go totally berserk.

Prince Mohammed knows this is a non-starter, regardless of where he is personally. As the reader is aware, I have some hope for him as a person – I don’t think he was a good person when he took power, but I think the burden of the power might be making him a better person. However, I don’t know that, and it means nothing anyway.

I don’t understand what the plan in Palestine is, just like I don’t understand what the plan is in the Ukraine. I’m not a genius, but I’m clever enough. I apparently out-analyzed the entire US government when I said that after the pullout from Afghanistan, the Taliban would take Kabul within 72 hours. (These people were saying insane shit, like “six months,” or even suggesting the puppet government of Afghanistan would stand indefinitely.) When I look at this, what I see is people with no plan and drastically accumulating stakes.

Stakes are always something to consider in relation to plans or the lack thereof. This goes back to that protracted math bit above.

If your friend blows you off so you go out to a bar alone on a Friday night with no plan, the stakes are very low. Maybe you’ll get drunk and feel lonely, meet a woman and have sex with her and then the next day wake up and realize she’s fat. That’s probably the worst case scenario. Low stakes.

However, if you start a multiple front war with multiple superpower nations, you’ve just entered a very high stakes situation. You need to have a plan.

Frankly, I’m beyond the point of “they have no plan” and into the territory of “it would be impossible for them to have a plan.” I think they are using botched AI to make decisions.

That is to say: I do not see any conceivable scenario in which the US empire does not collapse in this generation.

The further things progress, given the rapidly rising stakes, the closer the empire comes to its own doom. That is to say: these behaviors they’re engaging in are all accelerants. They are accelerating their own demise with their baffling actions.

Personal Note

We’re at nearly 6,000 words. I’m well aware that this article is a problem, and I apologize. It became extremely unwieldy, and then collapsed in on itself, and this next section is simply going to make it much worse.

I decided somewhere up there that we needed a week’s finale.

This is the Sunday after Manic Monday, or D-Day Revelation Day, i.e., Zero Day. Books have different lengths, but you can say “a book is 60,000 words.” I think that’s about what I’ve published this week. Probably a little bit more. I’ve also been commenting on a forum and preparing various letters.

I have not written like this in a long time. This was caused by the illness.

I don’t actually think I have a brain tumor, I just think it’s funny to keep saying that. (However, this part is not a joke: I did have the worst headache of my life and thought I was going to die from it, and I’m still having headaches now, and I am serious that I’m not getting scanned for a brain tumor, ever, because I know what the treatments are. It would be hilarious if I actually did have a brain tumor.)

I do think I had a qualifiable religious experience during the illness, which is a source of high energy and inspiration. I was in a dark place personally this year for some reasons you know and some I won’t mention. This week, there was a crisp newness to everything. If I tell you “things are also going great in my personal life,” you’re going to say “yeah but you’ve been typing this whole time, how did you have a personal life?” Then I would respond: “oh ye of little faith. You have no idea how fast I type.” I pump out thousands of words before my coffee’s finished.

Further, as I elaborated on the issue of style above, I can say that the process is also based around the fact that I have to type thousands of words per week, while still being a human being. There were serious plans for the site back in 2013, which involved a large staff, a growing, serious business. I would have a team of writers like any other news website. I’d take vacations and relax on Sundays and so on. It didn’t work out. Shit happens. It is what it is, etc.

Things are tough all over.

On the ten-year mark, I had to pull out the old thumb-drive with the ten-year plan. I nearly wept. It would have been so easy for me to accomplish if everything had happened completely differently.

Above, when I started writing about myself (something I like doing but which I have never done much because it feels decadent, like eating cheesecake), I did forget what the topic was. I always say the abundant use of the word “literally” is part of the joke, but it’s more like a tic. I don’t proofread at all. I type and then click “publish.” No one has ever done this before.

(It’s possible that between 2 and 5 trains of thought were derailed above. I don’t know. I’m not going to read it, so I don’t really even care. No, dear reader, I care for you deeply. We have a meaningful parasocial relationship. However, it reminds me of this time in the Philippines when I was riding around drunk on a motorcycle at 3AM and threw a bag of McDonald’s trash on the road, and the girl with me was like “ahhhh! Don’t throw!” and I said “I don’t give a fuck – this isn’t my country.”)

Editing of any kind makes the work take 3 or possibly even 4 times longer. I start picking everything apart – perfectionist mode (primarily, I become obsessed with minimizing the word count, which definitely means fewer “I means” and “literallys,” and possibly, even “seriouslys”). It’s incredible that I am a perfectionist who releases the sloppiest work imaginable. That’s called “adaptability.” You need it to survive.

The response this week has been fantastic. I’m happy to hear so many of you enjoyed reading it nearly as much as I enjoyed writing it. I don’t know how long I can keep this up, but I’m not tired at all.

I keep wondering why it happened – the illness and the inspiration. There are three options:

  • Impending doom
  • Important upcoming events
  • Manic psychosis

I keep focusing on the first. That’s the root of the brain tumor joke. As the process progresses, however, I am increasingly focusing on the second. (If it’s the third, but the work is good, then whatever. Many great men had manic psychosis. I’m just glad I don’t have manic depression. I’ve heard that’s a frustrating mess.)