White Mother of 8 Half-Breeds’ Womb Packs Up in Disgust at Such Abuse

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2014

Marie Buchan of Selly Oak, Birmingham, pictured with her half-breeds.

This makes me so angry to see what this woman has done. She has spent her entire child bearing life replacing the White children she could have had, with horrible half-breed abominations. Her womb has actually packed up at the abuse she has forced upon it, by hatching life forms that were never intended for it and now she wants to have more of the creatures by surrogacy, so that she can get extra gibsmedats for having them.

Every single one of those half-breeds has had its genetic integrity shattered, there will be no chance of finding any suitable organs or blood from a donor should they ever need any. On top of that, she has stolen and defiled the priceless genetic inheritance that she was entrusted to pass on to them by her ancestors. That inheritance had been passed down unmolested for thousands of years until it came into her hands. Now it has been polluted and destroyed, never to see the light of day again.

Her womb has packed up in disgust at what it has been forced to endure.

Daily Mail:

A single mother of eight who can no longer have children says she will use a surrogate to have another two – and claim more in benefits.

After putting so much strain on her body by having eight children in 13 years, Marie Buchan has been forced to have a hysterectomy.

But even though she admits struggling to control the large brood she has now, the 32-year-old plans to have two more using a surrogate mother.

Miss Buchan, who boasts about how easy it is to abuse the benefits system, admits that having a larger family will boost her chances of getting a five-bedroom house at taxpayers’ expense.

She has also calculated that she will get an extra £70 a week in welfare payments.

The mother, who caused outrage last year by saying her large family ‘couldn’t survive’ on state handouts of more than £26,000-a-year, confessed: ‘It is easy to claim off the state. I was devastated when doctors told me I could not have more [children].

‘I love being pregnant and surrounded by kids. If I can’t have more babies myself, the next best thing would be to use a surrogate. People might criticise me. But it is my right to have as many children as I want.

What about the right of your ancestors, do they not have a say? You know, all those people that gave their lives to ensure that your bloodline continued right up until now?

She is actually being paid to destroy her race and nation in this sickening way.

Unemployed Miss Buchan made headlines eight months ago when she complained that her benefits payments – which were reduced from £582 a week to £500 a week after the Government introduced a cap on handouts – are not enough for her family to survive on.

She also said that her £200,000 three-bedroom semi-detached council house in Selly Oak, Birmingham ‘isn’t big enough’.

But despite her complaints, she has now admitted life on benefits is ‘easy’ and that she even has enough money to buy luxury items for herself and an iPad or tablet for seven of her eight children.

She said: ‘Being on benefits gives me an easy lifestyle. I have got more than enough money to pay the bills and feed the kids.

‘I am constantly buying clothes for myself and I like to make sure the kids have nice clothes.

‘I treat them to takeaways weekly and they have all got computer tablets apart from the youngest.’

She has been doing her best to replace her own race with genetically modified organisms since the age of 19.

Just to really rub the salt into the wound, we are all being forced to pay for the upkeep of these future rapists and muggers. In typical Black fashion, the father has left her with his ungodly brood and has no intention of paying for them himself.

When these creatures grow up, they will try to get themselves a White partner in order to make their offspring’s skin lighter and raise their IQ. This one race-traitor’s treachery could potentially end up polluting another 8 White bloodlines and from them, another 64.

It is not hard to see how a White nation could easily become extinct in a matter of centuries, once it embraces diversity and multiculturalism.