White Women Still Prefer White Men

Alpha Game
September 14, 2014

Even though Hollywood is totally Jewed, you rarely see top stars race-mixing.
Even though Hollywood is totally Jewed, you rarely see top stars race-mixing.

Contra Whiskey, the incessant barrage of multiracial advertising, and Mandingo porn fetishists, the objective statistics demonstrate that Asians, Whites, and Latinos are actually becoming less inclined towards mudsharking and coalburning. In 2014, the cumulative OK Cupid average for non-black men rating black women was -18.3 percent compared to +10.3 for members of their own race, while for women it was -17 percent for black men compared to +20.3 for men of their own race.

This increased preference for one’s own race is up from +9 and +12.6 in 2009. The reason for the myth of white women preferring black men stems in part from the media propaganda, and from the fact that both male and female whites are less strongly anti-black than Asians and Latinos. So much for the idea of immigration improving race relations.

Interestingly enough, the strongest negative preference measured in the last five years is Asian men rating Black women in 2011 (-30) and Asian women rating Black men in 2014 (-27). The strongest positive preference is Asian women rating White men in 2011 (+25, although only one point above White women rating White men at +24), which ties with Asian men rating Asian women (+25).

It would appear that the more the media throws interracial couples in the public’s face, the less the public likes the look of the concept. And it has really risen to a fever pitch in recent months; last night I saw two fictional “white man black wife” couples in advertisements in succession, which in real life is only marginally more statistically common than “leprechaun man unicorn wife” marriages.