WHO Declares That Microplastics in Drinking Water are Not a Health Risk

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2019

Good news, stupid goyim – the experts have declared that consuming micro-particulate plastic is not a threat to your health.

Now you silly, dumb animals can stop worrying about that.

Because experts are always right about everything.


They may be in our oceans, rivers and ice but there’s little evidence to suggest that microplastics in the water we drink pose a risk to our health.

In its first review on the health risks of plastic in tap and bottled water, the World Health Organization said that microplastics “don’t appear to pose a health risk at current levels,” but the key finding came with a big caveat — the review said available information was limited and more research was needed on microplastics and how they affect human health.

“We urgently need to know more about the health impact of microplastics because they are everywhere — including in our drinking water,” said Dr. Maria Neira, director of the Department of Public Health, Environment and Social Determinants of Health at WHO.

WHO said it did not recommend routine monitoring of microplastics in drinking water and said that concerns over microplastics should not distract water suppliers and regulators from removing microbial pathogens, such as those causing deadly diarrheal diseases.

Of course, in actual fact, plastics are rapidly transforming the entire global population, turning them into mutant freaks.

Plastics attack the endocrine system. This is leading to an entire litany of problems that SCIENCE! is simply refusing to even look at, as they ramble on about lunatic theories of how driving cars is causing bad weather.

I believe that the evidence is in, and plastic is transforming people into hellish monsters.

When people have endocrine disorders, the body struggles to maintain normal hormone levels for the particular gender, and this results in a kind of general androgyny.

Men becoming feminine, women becoming masculine, both becoming fat slobs – this is all a result of endocrine disorders. It is not a result of ideology – the ideology comes from the endocrine disorder, not the other way around. Modern leftism is a result of a collapse of testosterone in men.

Every time you see a male leftist, he has a pathetic little skinny-fat body with zero muscle mass and the mannerisms of a woman.

And although all women will naturally be drawn to leftism, the overwhelming majority of dedicated female leftists are masculine and aggressive, with hard facial features.

We saw in Portland recently that all of the Antifa were absolutely repulsive fatbodies, waddling around hitting people with hammers like enemies in a Nintendo game.

Beyond the politically active, we also just see normal people looking like a bunch of mutant freaks – everywhere.

We posted some videos of a YouTuber randomly scrolling through the profiles of women between the ages of 32 and 45 on online dating apps, and all of these women are repulsive mutants – they are fat, their faces are all mutated, and they are prematurely aged.

Although the “soyboy” meme is good, and soy really isn’t healthy, it is a small aspect of the larger problem of this new androgynous society. The much bigger cause is plastic in the environment. The second biggest cause would be processed food, the third biggest being beer.

But without plastic, you would not see these people transforming into mutant freaks.

I have spent time in the former communist world, where they only relatively recently started using plastic. During the communist era, nothing was single-use, everything was made to be repaired and reused for as long as possible, because the government was paying for everything and not making a profit off of people wasting money on throwaway products.

People in former communist countries DO NOT look like Western freaks.

The men are naturally fit by default, with healthy facial structures and normal masculine physiognomy, and if they have bellies from alcoholism, the bellies are only on the front. They do not carry fat on their sides and in their chest – places where estrogen causes the fat to accumulate – like the Western gyno-male.

The women are naturally feminine and slim, not overly aggressive, and they have attractive, feminine facial features.

They DO NOT have this problem with homosexuality and trannyism.

And of course, Eastern Europe is much more right-wing in nature – that is a result of the difference in endocrine situations, period.

We are being biologically engineered through the use of these chemicals, and of course a major aspect of that is having all of this plastic in our drinking water. That is brutally obvious.

This should be the crisis of our age – instead, we’re being told that the crisis of our age is global warming, which appears to be a total and complete hoax.

The fact that WHO says that drinking plastic isn’t a problem is proof that they are purposefully allowing this transformation of the population into disgusting monsters to occur.

If you would like to prevent this transformation of your own body, please avoid plastic, go to the gym and do strength training, and pay attention to my diet guides.