Wiley Shutdown: Jews Boycott the Internet to Protest Goyim Talking Back

The mind boggles at the kind of narcissistic sense of entitlement that could lead a people to esteem themselves victims merely because someone, somewhere, said something they didn’t like and wasn’t instantaneously and utterly suppressed. Nonetheless, that is the kind of sense of entitlement Jews appear to have; and, since they encounter no pushback whatsoever from normie-sphere goyim, just as a gas expands to fill the volume available to it, their demands grow continuously.

Jews are now demanding that internet companies speed up, and scale up, their suppression of uppity goyspeech. What was the occasion for the latest outbreak of anti-goy hysteria? A moderately well-known negro musician went on an anti-Jew chimp-out on the internet over the weekend. This musician, known as Wiley, is an exponent of “grime music.” Few white people can explain what exactly grime music is all about and I am not one of the few. You can hear an example of his craft below. The one thing I will say in its favor is that it is not as bad as Stormzy.

I’ve no idea what set him off. Probably he got ripped off by his Jew manager or accountant or whatever. Or it could be he is just a true believer in the Black Hebrews theory.

Regardless, he fired off broadsides against the Semite tribe, to his hundreds of thousands of followers, on Twitter and Instagram.

This extremely naive nigga thought the KKK and the Jews were equally powerful. As if the KKK hadn’t been bankrupted by the Jews and infiltrated by operatives of the government the Jews control.

He also wasn’t afraid of the Jews and thought he could handle them. He has now been suspended from Instagram and Twitter, lost his manager, been repudiated by all and sundry, faces demands for his MBE [Member of the Order of the British Empire, don’t laugh] to be withdrawn and will likely be prosecuted.

This nigga is on a crash course re-attunement to reality.

Jews have been retailing their trademark victimhood narcissism across Britain’s airwaves.

And the entire ruling class of Britain has joined with them to demand the suppression of this poor darkie’s speech.

Paki Home Secretary Priti Patel demanded an explanation from the internet for why it had allowed the uppity African to speak for so long. It took hours to shut him down! Hours!

The Jews have seized on this incident to launch another pogrom against goyspeech and demand complete regulation of the internet.


The Board of Deputies of British Jews’ President, Marie van der Zyl, denounced the social media giants, saying, “We in the Jewish community were appalled to see Wiley’s anti-Jewish racist rant carry on for hour after hour with absolutely no intervention from Twitter or Instagram at all.”

“Twitter and Instagram, the latter of which is owned by Facebook, have since acted too little and too late,” she said. “Black Jews, in particular, have been left feeling especially vulnerable.

“Far too often, we see misogyny, homophobia, and racism against different groups going unchecked on these platforms,” she continued. “This has to change. We are calling for all social media platforms to adopt the international definition of antisemitism; social media companies to have moderators in every country who can understand and interpret offensive language within a local context; a new regulator who can impose punitive fines when social media companies fail to crack down on hate.”

“We hope that the police will prosecute Wiley’s racial hatred and it should go without saying that Wiley should be banned from all social media platforms and his offensive tweets deleted,” she said. “There must be #NoSpaceforJewHate.”

If you’ve noticed slightly less whiny narcissism on Twitter over the last day or so, it may be because the Jews have been boycotting it.

In case this 48-hour boycott proves ineffective, the Jews should extend it – indefinitely.

They should also boycott all white countries and return to Israel, where they can fight it out with the black Hebrews for control of the territory. Or live together harmoniously in Diversity for ever more.