Will These THOTs Ever Learn? Coal-Burner’s Mutt Baby Thrown Off Bridge by Loving Daddy!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2019

I think I speak for every White man under the age of 55 when I say that when I read stories like this, I hear a big “WOMP WOMP” playing in my head.

Occasionally, I’ll even get a wry chuckle out of the story.

Thotties don’t want to learn, so they gots to be taught the hard way, every time.

Daily Mail:

The mother of a 11-month-old boy who died when he was allegedly thrown off a bridge into a river in his Moses basket has told of her heartbreak and said: ‘I lost my baby today.’

Emma Blood, 22, has posted an emotional statement on Facebook this morning after her son Zakari plunged to his death into the River Irwell, in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester.

Not to nit-pick here, but your baby was murdered, you stupid bitch. If there was one opportunity for you to point fingers and not rely on passive statements that don’t assign blame, well, this was it.

But I suppose huwhytes in the West have been taught too well.

We can’t even get angry and name names when a leering inbred neanderthal kills a baby in cold blood.

The grieving mother, who describes her son as ‘my world, my heart, my soul’ on her social media profile, wrote ‘ I wish I was dead’ and said he sat with him ‘for hours’, not knowing he had died until she arrived at hospital that evening.

Clearly, even the baby doesn’t like this nappy-headed potato-faced psycho.

The baby’s father, named locally as Zak Bennett-Eko, 22, was arrested by police as he sat with customers in the nearby Lock Keeper pub. It is believed he had taken his son out to buy milk.

Heart-warming stuff here, folks.

When women are given any decision-making powers whatsoever, you end up with mulatto babies being thrown off bridges into rivers.

Which don’t get me wrong – it’s funny as hell.

But can we really run a society like this? 

Thotties having a cry and squatting down for a piddle at the thought of dead babies.