Wisconsin: 14-Year-Old Boy Shoots Girlfriend Three Times in the Head Over Breakup

Maybe we can blame this on 1990s Eminem?

New York Post:

A 14-year-old Wisconsin boy allegedly shot his girlfriend at least three times in the head after she tried breaking up with him.

The girl, identified by family as 14-year-old Jazlene Jones, is miraculously expected to survive the shooting.

Does she have an adamantium skeleton?

Elia Olson, of Racine, was charged Tuesday as an adult for attempted murder and possession of a dangerous weapon, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Racine County Eye.

If convicted, Elia could spend the next 60 years in prison.

On Sunday just before noon, the couple had walked down the railroad tracks in the city, about 25 miles south of Milwaukee, to smoke, Jazlene told investigators.

After she told Elia she wanted to end the relationship, he allegedly ordered her to turn off her phone before he tossed it aside and pointed a white revolver at her head and fired one shot.

A white revolver? You mean a White Rhino?

That would make sense, because I always assumed only 14-year-old boys would be interested in a gun that looks like that.

Jazlene begged for her life, but Elia allegedly told the girl something to the effect of “You have to die.” He shot her another two to three more times before running away.

In spite of her injuries, Jazlene took off running and flagged down a motorist near the scene.

The girl was taken to the hospital with three gunshot wounds in her head. One of the bullets entered through her left cheekbone and lodged in her neck close to her carotid artery, court documents state.

At the hospital, Jazlene was reportedly coherent and identified Elia as the person who shot her.

Jazlene’s family said she underwent major surgery and has several more procedures scheduled, but is expected to survive.

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