With Extra Makeup, Sandy Cortez Says She’s Afraid to Walk Her Dog Because Everyone is Trying to Kill Her

No one is trying to kill Sandy.

However, if she is haunted by the idea that everyone is trying to kill her, it probably makes sense for her to consider why. This is very guilty conscience type material.

New York Post:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told CNN’s Chris Wallace that she has lived in a constant state of fear for her own well-being since she was first elected to Congress.

The New York Democrat described how her concern over threats has affected her life during an appearance on Friday’s edition of CNN’s “Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?”

“Do you feel your life is in danger?” Wallace asked.

“Absolutely, I felt that my life has been in danger since the moment that I won my primary election in 2018. And it became especially intensified when I was first brought into Congress in 2019,” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

Wallace pressed Ocasio-Cortez for more details, asking if that meant she was “looking over [her] shoulder while walking down the street.”

“It means when I wake up in the morning, I hesitate to walk my dog. It means when I come home, I have to ask my fiancée to come out to where my car is to walk me to just from my car to my front door,” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

Luggage lad.

“It means that there’s just … a general disposition where you kind of feel like there’s almost a static electricity around you. And you’re just always just looking around, your head is just on a swivel, going to a restaurant, walking down the street,” she added.

Please note that the amount of makeup this bitch is wearing in this interview rises to the level of parody.

I guess that’s one way to manage entrance into your mid-thirties.

I actually do have people that want to kill me, and I don’t go around worrying about it.

This isn’t normal at all.

Maybe she’s just lying to play up her victim woman status, but it seems she probably at least partially believes that it’s not safe for her to walk her dog.

In other Congress news, Blake Masters has been announced as the loser of the Arizona Senate race.

That’s obviously total fraud, but still – I’m going to go ahead and believe he lost because he insulted me for no reason.

JD Vance, on the other hand, refused to insult me, and he won his race.

Furthermore: who is supporting Ron DeSantis? It’s not MAGA people, I can tell you that.