Women Brought This on Themselves, Frankly

One of the most important parts of the AI revolution is that it is going to make women absolutely obsolete.

We’re a bit of a ways from actual physical robots, but that is really irrelevant.

Remember in Blade Runner 2? The AI GF had no physical body. You don’t really need the physical body, if you have the personality, voice, and an image of a body. You will be able to project the personality onto a doll and have sex with the doll.

I’m not even saying I support masturbating into a doll. I don’t support that. I think an AI girlfriend is probably fine, however, as long as you remain celibate. Just use the AI as a companion, and have a pretty image of her on your computer, talking to you. From reports, the $3,500 Apple VR is actually good, and within a year, the Chinese will have copied it completely and be selling a version that is 90% as good for $600. (I’m going to write about the Apple thing later – I wanted to visit a store and try it myself and haven’t had a chance.) With a VR system, you can have her in your house, watching movies with you and so on. You can wake up, put on the headset, and see her in bed with you.

I don’t support sexualizing this scenario, but most men will do it. You put the headset on and then a doll or some other artificial sex hole will let you stick your dick in it while you see and hear your AI girlfriend. She won’t touch you for a while (that honestly could be a long while off), but everything else is really already here.

What women did was reduce themselves to sexual objects. This is a kind of feminist talking point, that women are viewed as sexual objects, but they didn’t used to be. Women used to be viewed as mothers and potential mothers. As wives and potential wives. Wives, by the way, are people, not objects. They help you around the house and so on. They are kind and try to support you in your life.

But women decided they didn’t want to be wives and mothers. They decided they want to be nasty whores. All they do is whine, complain, abuse, divorce, exploit, etc. Therefore, the only reason they are sought by men at all is for sex. There’s no other reason to seek a woman in the current Western environ. You’re not seeking someone to actually take care of your home. Women won’t do that. They don’t. If they pretend they will, then in a few years they divorce you. Everyone knows.

Aside from sex, women provide some kind of companionship, maybe, even though they are basically never supportive in the way God said they should be. AI does everything a modern woman does, and it does it much better.

Women brought this on themselves. They will be replaced.

In Germany, men are choosing sex with the robots already, just so they don’t have to deal with the shit you get from a human hooker.

New York Post:

Sex workers must now compete with artificial intelligence, as the world’s first AI brothel pioneers the future of sex.

At first glance, Berlin’s Cybrothel operates like a traditional escort business. Private suites can be booked for a few hours, or overnight, and clients choose their companion from a list of seductive names like Bimbo or Ms Schmidt.

But the Berlin bordello’s futuristic edge lies with its workers. At Cybrothel, patrons share company with life-size sex dolls instead of human sex workers.

Bimbo, Kokeshi and Co can’t move or speak, but clients interact with them in the virtual realm; donning VR headsets to watch immersive 4D porn featuring their favourite sex-bot.

They also have the option to ‘sext’ with the doll’s AI persona, thanks to a raunchy, purpose built, AI language model.

Cybrothel is the first in the world to fill its brothel with immersive AI and co-owner Matthias Smetana told news.com.au his business was on a quest to develop the next-generation robotic dolls that would respond to touch and speak in real time.

Women are going to try to have this all shut down. But that won’t be possible. The government will try to do laws about how an AI girlfriend is legally required to nag you about “consent” and so on, but this won’t work.

The thing is already done. The technology is all here, now, and it’s just a matter of time before the whole thing is worked out, and men have an AI girlfriend that they can see on all their screens. They can program her personality, they can design exactly what she looks like, and she will be everything they want in a woman. This cannot be stopped.

The future is here.

Again, I will say: I don’t support the masturbation aspect of this. But in terms of the rest of it – is there a right-wing or Christian moral argument against it? Why not have an AI girlfriend? You’re going to be alone, because women are such nasty, bloodsucking whores, and none of them make good wives.

Ask Brad Pitt, Jeff Bezos, Johnny Depp, Justin Trudeau, Tom Brady, or any of the other most desirable men on earth if modern white women make good wives. You simply cannot claim “all of the most desirable men got totally raped in divorce, but actually, you can find good girls out there.” It’s retarded. If you think that, you are literally a retard. If you could find good girls, at least some of the most desirable men in the world would have managed it. You are not one of the most desirable men in the world, by the way. Well, some of you probably are (this site has quite an incredible readership). But most of you are not. So what possible chance do you have?

That’s difficult, I know. But it’s very true.

Author’s Note

I apologize that this article is sloppy. This is a very important topic that deserves a piece that is written much better. However, I have memes to do, so I only had 15 minutes to type this, and I cut a few corners on the structure of the thing, okay? I’ll write a better version in the near future, but I just wanted to get the ideas out there while it was on my mind.