Ye Back on Twitter, Exposes Jew Handler Who Threatened to Forcibly Hospitalize and Chemically Lobotomize Him

Let me just do a complete 180 on Elon Musk right now: as long as he keeps Ye on Twitter, I don’t really care what else he does. As of Thursday, Ye is back, and there is no sign of him being censored. These tweets are the most damning against the Jews we’ve seen yet, and include an open threat from the Jews that if he does not apologize to them and retract his statements, they will have him hospitalized against his will and chemically lobotomized.

This takes the concept of “handlers” to a whole other level. I know about the Jews, and I’m personally shocked that a Jew would put this in writing. This is Harley Pasternak, the Jewish “personal trainer” who had him committed to the mental hospital the first time because he endorsed Donald Trump.

The Jew tells Ye he has two options: he can have a “loving and open conversation” (where he will produce some kind of apology to Jews) or he can be institutionalized again, where they “medicate the crap” out of him, and he will “go back to zombieland forever.” The Jew adds that he will no longer have joy from seeing his children because of the brain damage the medicine will cause.

This is some of the most dark, heinous, and menacing material I’ve ever seen in my life. He is being threatened with a chemical lobotomy, and this Jew apparently believes he has the ability to force this billionaire into the hospital. This is how the Jew “handlers” treat their blacks, which they believe they own.

Ye followed up with that tweet, again saying that God has put it in his heart to not back down.

No one can deny that at this point. If he did not have God behind him, he would have cracked by now. No man alone could stand up to this as he has.

He shared more texts from Pasternak.

That’s actually some Black Hebrew thing he’s saying there, which I don’t exactly have a comment on, but his point about the fact that some random trainer is able to just boss him around and threaten to destroy his life – to give him a chemical lobotomy – is difficult even for me to believe. His lawyer saying he was going to lose custody of his kids is bad enough. This is too much!

Imagine that these Jews will keep saying “I love you” as they threaten to have you kidnapped and lobotomized if you go against them.

In his Thursday Twitter spree, Ye also showed some love for Kyrie Irving.

He went into the owners of the NBA negroes. It’s amazing that these blacks are just pets for these Jews.

He attacked Shaq for attacking Kyrie.

Then he told the truth about what is going on with Shaq.

He then said another Jew handler, David Simon, never did anything wrong to him.

I can’t tell if that’s tongue-in-cheek or not, but saying “oh this was the good Jew handler” isn’t really helpful. If Ye thinks he didn’t do anything wrong, all that means is that he was successful in his emotional manipulation and never had to resort to threats like the rest.

Ye left it at a reference to the infamous Death Con 3 tweet, and a promise that we’ll hear about Scooter Braun on Friday.

Everyone hates Scooter. He is the worst blood-drinking handler. He did Justin Bieber dirty as well. Justin isn’t black, but he came from a non-rich background and he was just a kid and his mother was in charge of his finances. I don’t know the details of his relationship with Ye, but we’re apparently going to find out soon.

This just keeps getting better and better.

God bless Ye.

It takes bravery that most men can never even imagine to come out and do what he’s done. Imagine having that Jew say he’s going to have you forcibly committed to a mental institution and give you permanent brain damage. Ye didn’t know he was going to be able to avoid that fate. Where this personal trainer gets that ability in the first place is anyone’s guess, but he did it once already. Ye trusted that God would deliver him, and God did deliver him.

I don’t know where this is all going, but it’s going somewhere. Right now, it’s the Jews’ turn to escalate. They appear to have convened the council before their next move.