Yellen to Tell China That the Great Satan Will “Protect Human Rights” Through “Targeted Actions”

“Chinese human rights abuse” is a totally manufactured narrative that is literally based on nothing at all. According to the definitions the West lays out about human rights (which are themselves stupid and pointless, and anyway, these people have no right to enforce them on other countries), “China’s human rights record” has drastically improved since 2015.

These narratives the Jews promote about genocide of Moslems and so on are all invented whole cloth. There is no evidence for any of it. They don’t even claim to have any evidence. They just make these various declarations.


U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen arrived in Beijing on Thursday to begin a four-day visit expected to focus on recalibrating ties between the world’s two largest economies, although both sides have low expectations for the outcome.

While Beijing wants more dialogue to improve economic ties, it has accepted that both countries have placed safeguarding their own national security above economic ties.

(Note: US “security” is not in jeopardy. China is being encircled by the United States military, who is claiming they don’t have a right to determine their own domestic policy or govern their own internationally-recognized territories. The opposite is obviously not happening.)

Chinese analysts have told state media that Yellen’s April speech, which ranked securing the national security interests of the U.S. and its allies as the top plank of America’s economic policy with China did not inspire optimism for the visit.

Zhu Feng, a professor of international relations at Nanjing University, told the Global Times newspaper that Yellen’s emphasis on national security meant the U.S. was unlikely to stop the “economic and technological suppression” of China.

Yellen, who landed at Beijing’s Capital Airport aboard a U.S. government aircraft, will emphasise the need to work with Beijing on climate change, pandemic preparedness and debt distress, a senior U.S. Treasury official said previously.

She will also tell her Chinese counterparts that Washington is not seeking to decouple the two economies, while reserving the right to protect human rights and U.S. national security interests through targeted actions, the official added.

Yellen is a Jew terrorist, pushing a violent and hateful agenda on the people of the world, trying to force the will of the Jewish race down the throats of the Chinese. That may seem like an extreme statement, but it actually is not.

If the Americans were basing policy on common sense and what is best for the American people and for the world, Chinese domestic policy would never enter into the equation. There is no argument that America serving as the world police is good for the American people. There is also no rational explanation of how the US got the authority to determine right and wrong and truth and lies as an absolute matter.

This agenda is entirely Jewish in nature. It speaks to the Jewish obsession with world domination, and forcing all nations on earth, including China, to submit to the Jewish agenda, which is defined by anal sex, mass immigration from the Third World, and women controlling everything.

The Jews have made it clear that if any nation bucks this agenda, they are considered a threat, and the full powers of the US government will be used against them. Primarily, this means economic and military attacks.

China is feeling this, hard.

They invited Yellen so as to look reasonable, and of course, Jew Yellen will go there to look as if she is reasonable. The reality is, there is no common ground, because Jews do not tolerate anything other than complete and total submission to their extreme agenda.