Yipper Musk Timidly Questions Why NATO Still Exists

Elon Musk seen peeking out from under a pile of old Jewish shoes, considering making a short truthful post of little or no relevance, repeating something that much bolder people have said much more directly.

I give Elon Musk a lot of crap for being a spineless coward who knows everything that is going on, and is actually in a position to do something about it, and yet constantly backs down and does sickening humiliation rituals like sucking Ben Shapiro’s dick in front of a pile of shoes at Auschwitz.

But I guess it’s better that he says a few good things than nothing at all? Is that right?

Notably, he only ever seems to say anything of import in response to David Sacks, who is a much more principled person.

Is this even a bold statement? Trump was saying this throughout the entire 2016 campaign. (Now Trump has signaled he supports NATO and maybe even the war on Russia but just thinks Europeans should pay more – but things were much different in 2016.)

Note: I get that the fact that Sacks being Jewish makes it easier for him to be principled without having his life destroyed.

But Elon Musk is supposed to be the richest man in the world?

And Shapiro can force him to fly to Poland to look at piles of shoes because he hurt the feelings of Jews on the internet?

Musk is a coward. He is the ultimate coward. And more than exploding cars, that will be his legacy. History will remember Elon Musk as a spineless worm who could have done something to help save the world and instead cowered in fear next to a pile of shoes.