You’re Funding This, America

Just your standard Jewish hospital bombing.

No big deal.

Happens every day.

Every day, Americans go to work and pay taxes to make sure it happens every day.

It can’t happen without the American pay-piggies working to get those bombs for the Jews.

New York Post:

Gaza’s second-largest hospital said it was told by Israel on Sunday to clear its building ahead of an airstrike targeting it even though the facility has repeatedly warned evacuating would be impossible.

Hospital officials said they received two calls Sunday to empty their building, as the IDF had planned a series of airstrikes on it and in the area to kill Hamas terrorists, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, which runs the facility.

Two phone calls were received, with a clear and direct threat, that the hospital must be evacuated at once, otherwise PRCS holds full responsibility for the lives of everyone inside the hospital,” the organization said.

Raed Al Nems, head of media for the PRCS, said similar warnings came ahead of several airstrikes in Tal Al Hawa but that these were the first threatening a direct hit on the hospital.

“In the past days, they used to say we needed to evacuate because they will be targeting the area,” he told The New York Times. “This time it was clear that they wanted to target us.”

The hospital has repeatedly warned that it is not feasible to evacuate its building, as it is treating hundreds of patients and serving as a shelter for about 12,000 displaced civilians.

The hospital has said it also has many patients in intensive care and children in incubators who cannot be moved so easily.

This overly sentimental folk band I used to listen to as a teenager called The Mountain Goats had a song about teenagers forming a death metal band and trying to choose the name for their band, and the line is “the top three contenders after weeks of debate were Satan’s Fingers, The Killers, and The Hospital Bombers.” (This was before there was a band called “The Killers,” who are not a death metal band, but rather a surprisingly listenable 00s pop band.)

I’m not going to link the song, because he keeps saying “Hail Satan,” even though he’s supposed to be Catholic (and appears to originate from a certain specific miserable island). Probably because he was on drugs.

But I keep thinking about that. I remember thinking at the time “haha, what a fun silly name for a death metal band.”

But then Israel actually starts bombing hospitals.

Who the hell bombs hospitals? No one has ever done this before.

I half expect the next article to be “Israel has instructed their troops to act with precision, and to consume the flesh of their enemies.”

You know the thing.

I would have a lot more respect for Bibi if, in discussing this war, he said “we’re going full death metal.”

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.