Tanned Frenchman Says the White House is Out of Money to Give to Zelensky


There appears to be very little chance that Biden’s big Ukraine package is going to pass through Congress. It might already be dead. I don’t really follow politics anymore, lol. (I have a brain tumor and less than 5 weeks to live, or maybe 5 months, I would have to check my notes, but I just don’t have time for this crap.)

I do know that the House on Friday passed a separate aid package to Israel. Biden’s original plan was to play on GOP support for Israel by combining Israel and Ukraine money, and that failed.

It ostensibly failed due to the new House Speaker, so hey – kudos to him, I guess.

What’s his name? Johnson?

He said that he wanted the packages to be separate because of the lack of support for the Ukraine in the House.

Of course, I believe that it is more than the House that is sick of the Ukraine war. I think it’s a significant part of the “deep state” that is looking at this as a total clusterheck and wants out.


The White House is running out of funds to finance arms deliveries to Ukraine, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has said, urging Congress to approve US President Joe Biden’s request for more aid that has been stonewalled by Republicans.

Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday, the spokeswoman said that the Pentagon had announced new arms deliveries for Ukraine. The latest package, which is worth $425 million, includes HIMARS and NASAMS missiles, artillery rounds, and other military equipment.

Of this sum, $300 million was from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), which the Pentagon uses to contract new equipment for Kiev. The remaining $125 million came from the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA), which allows the Biden administration to transfer weapons from US stocks without congressional approval in case of an emergency.

Yeah, he could be impeached for that.

Whatever your opinions on the Ukraine war, it is definitely not a national emergency for the United States, so it is way outside of his authority to make these weapons transfers.

But hey – if DeSantis is transferring Florida state money (and weapons???) to the Jews and not being prosecuted, I guess all bets are off.

Jean-Pierre noted that this package “exhaust[s] the remaining USAI funds currently available to support Ukraine.” She added that while the White House still has PDA authorities to “fulfill Ukraine’s immediate battlefield needs,” the US is starting to provide Kiev with “smaller PDA packages in order to stretch out our ability to support Ukraine for as long as possible.”

With this in mind, she urged Congress to approve Biden’s supplemental aid request and send “an important message” to the world that the US continues to stand with Ukraine.

Along with sending a message, it is also necessary to keep the Ukraine government from collapsing totally.

But yeah, the world needs a message that Washington is still supporting this war. Because as a member of the world, I’m really starting to doubt the veracity of this claim.