You’re Lucky If You’re Even Reading This

The Illness Revelations are a Magic Mystery Tour you go on without taking acid. It’s coming to take you away. 

After a quiet period through the entire month of October, we are again having issues keeping the site up. Basically, you should be able to refresh and then wait 5 seconds and it should come up. As a rule.

However, we should have a solution in the next 24 hours or so.

By the way, you can always use this, and it works 24/7/365:


You just open Brave Browser, then click file, then click “New Private Window with Tor,” then paste that address in the address bar. Bing-bang-boom. You basically have to be a complete retard not to be able to do this, meaning that you definitely can do it, because you are very smart. You are my personal friend, dear reader, via the very healthy process of parasocial relations. I would not be close friends with you if you were not very smart.

Regardless, a lot of you are on phones, and it’s hard to get a Tor site up on a phone. Especially an iPhone.

I cannot tolerate an interruption of the Illness Revelations. So I’m saving this stuff until we have reliable service.

Today is all filler. Like seriously garbage-tier filler. Unless there is something about sluts and I lose control of my fingers. I’m not doing any bits at all on Israel or the Ukraine or niggermania. It will all be filler of the most low effort possible shape.

Week two of the Illness Revelations was cooler, but a calm before the storm.

Actually, week three is supposed to finish up the current themes, in particular the Robot Dawn (I’m 10,000 miles ahead of the curve on understanding the implications) and maybe Filial Piety.

We then have a set of new themes, that include new religious delusions. I have a pounding headache right now, which suggests the brain tumor is preparing a total assault on my consciousness, shoving me into a higher plane of reality like a man who can’t take it anymore shoving his whore wife off a cliff.

We also have Islamo-Christian Friendship materials, which compare and contrast Western support for Israel and endless wars for Israel with mass immigration. Basically, the premise is that we, the two parties in question, have valid issues with one another, but that both are driven by the Jews. Jews drove the West to war in the Middle East, drove the West to support the terrorist Zionist entity, then said “oh dear, there is a lot of war in the Middle East – now all these people have to go live in America and Europe.”

The draft on that is really good, and I’m hoping it is translated into Arabic. I 100% understand the issues Moslems have with the West, and I agree with their qualms. However, it is my hope that the Islamic world can understand that these immigrants have to go back. Basically, the reason some people in the West are supporting Israel is because they don’t like immigrants. I don’t think middle class and rich Moslems will have a hard time understanding why we don’t want a bunch of their poor people in our countries running drugs, prostitution, and other forms of criminal gangs, as well as just generally disrupting the culture and ultimately creating an existential crisis for our civilization. Not all of them will agree or understand, of course. But Bashir al-Assad understands and has explained it in interviews, so it’s not hopeless.

There is also a lot of much better and more interesting stuff than these things I just mentioned, including completely unhinged religious delusions which revolve around my messiah complex.

For one, we’re going to start from square one on the existence of God, which I have a total grasp of.

I’m also going to try to say the word “nigger” at least 76 times, and make some hilarious jokes about how “16 is too old for marriage.” You’re going to see edgy like never before. We’re going over the edge into a sea of razorblades.

Also, that thing about Newsom was my funniest fake news piece in years, and I’m going to work on some more of this cutting Swift-tier satire, which in fact will make Jonathan Swift look like a fat retard.

Which, I mean. Either his portrait artist was some kind of malicious villain seeking revenge on him, or he was in fact a fat retard.

Gulliver is so good, but he’s fat and he’s not Irish, by the way. There is no such thing as “Anglo-Irish,” and actually, with all due respect, we will be returning his remains to the British in the near future. We will do so respectfully, but we only allow the corpses of Catholics (and our savage heathen ancestors that Saint Patrick saved us from) to be buried here.

We are, very respectfully, going to ship all of these Anglican corpses back to the English.

By the way, we have an official new mascot.

I think you really need to understand and process the gravity of this: the Daily Stormer has an official new mascot. It’s a frog in an Arsenal jersey.

He is called: “Our Hero” or “Our Brave and Noble Hero.”

He’s taking over, and he’s not playing games.