YouTube is So Ridiculously Jewish

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2019

YouTube has literally become one of the most Jewish things on the Internet.

Prior to YouTube being purchased by the Jewish enterprise of Google, YouTube was actually a pretty great place. Content spread organically and there was no political censorship to speak of. Unfortunately, the days of an open and free Internet are long gone.

YouTube was originally created to allow individual people to broadcast video of themselves to audiences over the Internet. Hence why it was called “YouTube.” When it was first launched, it was a new and interesting concept that empowered individual content creators.

Now, it is a site that specifically caters towards big corporations run by Jews at the expense of individual content creators. This is why many people refer to YouTube as JewTube – JewTube is actually a more accurate reflection of what it really is. It is a site run by Jews for the benefit of Jews.

Many people including myself believed that Google would completely ruin the site when they bought it in 2006. The only question was how long it would take for them to completely ruin it. They pretty much left it alone at first but slowly began implementing changes that were unfavorable to individual content creators.

The ugly and diabolical horse-faced Jewess Susan Wojcicki.

In 2014, the Google Jews put the vile Jewish bitch Susan Wojcicki in charge of YouTube. She has been the individual primarily responsible for transforming it into the most Jewish place imaginable. Most of the changes absolutely loathed by content creators have come during her tenure as YouTube’s CEO. She’s been responsible for all of the political censorship, algorithm changes, mass demonetizations, etc.. The list of hated changes she has made is almost endless.

The few videos on her personal YouTube channel all have an enormous number of dislikes. Take for instance the video she put out this past February reflecting on 2018 and highlighting YouTube’s plans for 2019. It has received 18,000 likes compared to 112,000 dislikes.

The video also generated all sorts of angry comments from smaller YouTubers who were upset at a number of unpopular policies implemented by Wojcicki.

This shows how hated of a person she is. But Wojcicki, being a Jew, does not reflect on her own behavior as the problem. Instead, she views all the people who are angry at the horrible policies she has approved as being the problem.

YouTube is now at a point where most if not all of the interesting content has either been removed or is buried by their search algorithm. The site is littered with all sorts of horrible clickbait that you have to sift through in order to find useful content. There’s also an endless number of videos that force you to sit through advertisements from horrible Jewish corporations just to view them.

The site is so Jewish that it is literally recommending Ben Shapiro videos to me on the front page. And keep in mind, I am a person who the Jewish Anti-Defamation League has referred to as a neo-Nazi and a White supremacist. It’s as if YouTube is intentionally trying to brainwash me with propaganda from the Jew Shapiro.

What’s happened to YouTube is a prime example of what happens when Jews latch on to something. They take something that was originally good and beneficial for people and ruin it in the name of shekels and subverting the goyim.