Jordan Peterson Tells Goyim to Call Their Congressmen and Tell Them to Overthrow Iran Government

Failed internet father figure and failed pill addict Jordan Peterson has informed the goyim that it is really, really time for a war with Iran, and has encouraged his followers to call their Congressmen and demand an immediate attack on the country. The ghoulish weirdo Peterson said that we have to overthrow the Iranian government to promote women’s rights.

Peterson revealed in 2020 that he was addicted to benzos. He then went to Russia for some reason and had a coma induced so that he would not have to suffer the pain of withdrawal symptoms. This is the most extreme pussy way to deal with drug addiction, and you actually risk serious brain damage.

It’s not clear whether the coma gave Peterson brain damage, but when he got out of rehab he signed one of these death contracts with Ben Shapiro. He then went to Israel to promote Jewish world domination.

The fact that Peterson is pushing war with Iran really shows how this conservative scam works. Peterson is best known for whining about tranny pronouns. He eventually said that he would use the pronouns out of respect, but that he doesn’t think he should be forced to use the pronouns if he doesn’t want to.

He had some basic self-help material which I guess was okay. It was just simple stuff like “men should be assertive.” His philosophical material was confusing and probably schizophrenic. He is obsessed with Carl Jung, which is always a sign of serious personal problems. He doesn’t really seem to grasp the material.

He also took the vaccine, and now he whines about how he shouldn’t have taken it, but he felt pressured. This is not the sort of person that should be giving masculine advice. He’s a very weak personality.

He went on Piers Morgan a few weeks ago and once again cried in public after it was mentioned that a woman called him an incel.

He is always crying. He started crying to the Jews last year also – as he was telling them they’re the most important people in the universe.

He also cried in an interview with that Jew fraud Lex Fridman.

And with Andy Ngo.

He does nothing but cry while claiming to be a role model for men.

But that is his bit: he sells himself as a father figure to lost boys. I don’t understand how the emotional incontinence fits into that, but there it is.

He claims to be pushing back on political correctness. This material resonates. He gets you on board with what he’s saying, he says “oh yes, we shouldn’t have to use these pronouns and yes, oh boy, this vaccine was very bad – and hey, also, call your Congressman and tell him to bomb Iran.”

This is what they do: they get you to agree with them on something simple, benign, and safe, like “trannies are silly.” Then they take you in the direction of their agenda. In the case of Peterson, it’s not even his agenda – it’s Ben Shapiro’s Jewish agenda that he gets paid to promote.

Frankly, I doubt his podcast is making the money it was forecasted to make. Peterson was a sensation on the internet in 2017 when he came out against pronouns, but that was really short-lived. It turns out, he didn’t really have much to say. At least not much people cared about – he could babble incoherently about alleged philosophy.

Steven Crowder exposed the Daily Wire contracts, which are set up in such a way that if you are not making money they cut your pay. He’s probably getting his pay docked and so he’s kike-sucking extra hard. It’s really just going to be even more of a turnoff for people, however. I think even normies understand, at least to some degree, that Ben Shapiro is pushing this Jewish stuff, and Peterson saying “by the way, we should have a war with Iran for women’s rights” just comes across as slimy and vulgar. It’s something that is only going to slip past the dumbest morons.

I did a Twitter thread on this scam last night.