YouTube Unbans Donald Trump

I sort of figured that after Elon Musk bought Twitter and opened it up, some of these other companies would feel obligated to make gestures of reducing censorship.

When the Twitter Files were released, and it became clear to the whole world that the government was behind all that censorship to begin with, it became absolutely necessary for them to make some gestures.

YouTube is unbanning Donald Trump.

Nothing serious will actually change.

YouTube was never a major outlet for Donald Trump. I don’t think I’ve ever been on his YouTube channel. So this is a pointless gesture.

YouTube has always been slightly less censorious, given that all they are is a video uploading site, and very easy to replace. Twitter is a one of a kind thing that can’t really be replaced, and Facebook is something similar, so they have a lot more leverage. Recently, however – presumably at the behest of the FBI and other spook groups – YouTube has been censoring a lot more, and this has resulted in explosions in the popularity of Rumble and other alternatives.

Censorship was never good for business. Jews run all these companies, and they have to weigh their money-grubbing against their desire to “kike over the goyim.”

Twitter has proved that the censorship isn’t necessary, and is in fact simply a way for the government to silence critics of them and their policies. This is after the ADL argued for years that people would be killing themselves left and right because ideas hurt their feelings. None of those suicides over people saying mean things have materialized, so the entire premise has been disproved.

I suspect there will be some other high-profile un-bannings on YouTube, maybe some stories about Facebook banning less, but nothing will really change.