Zelensky Secret Police Raiding Christian Journalists

As I understand it, Zelensky has outlawed both journalists and traditional Christianity.

So it’s no surprise that people who happen to be both things are having a heck of a time under this particular tyrannical government.


Several employees of the Union of Orthodox Journalists (UOJ) have been subjected to raids by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the group said on Tuesday.

The UOJ has reported on the ongoing persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) by Kiev, which favors the government-backed Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU).

“UOJ employees were approached by the SBU agents, who seized their computer equipment and phones,” the group said on its Telegram channel, adding that no one had been charged with any offenses.

SBU agents have also visited participants in prayer vigils, the UOJ added. The union could not comment any further, but said it would offer more information as it becomes available.

The SBU has yet to comment on the raids. It has previously tried to have the UOJ’s website blocked inside Ukraine.

This is why the left is so obsessed with “standing with the Ukraine.” They are a tyrannical anti-Christ state.

It’s already a utopia, according to many, despite the fact that it is being totally destroyed by a massive war it started with a much bigger neighboring country.