WaPo Reports on Ukrainian Forced Conscription Leaving Villages Without Any Men

I think probably these stories get planted by pro-Israel Jews who want all the US military support going to Israel, and view the Ukraine as a competitor for American money and weapons.

I don’t see why else this would be printed by WaPo.


Some Ukrainian villages and small towns have lost most of their adult males due to the aggressive mobilization tactics of army recruiters, as they struggle to refill the ranks of depleted forces, according to a report by the Washington Post.

In an article published on Saturday, the outlet detailed the plight of the village of Makov, in the Khmelnitsky region of Western Ukraine, where virtually every man of fighting age has been killed, wounded, or gone missing, with the remaining few being hunted down by draft officers.

“It’s just a fact, most of them are gone,”Larisa Bodna, deputy director of the local school, which keeps a database of students whose parents are deployed, told the outlet.

“People are being caught like dogs on the street,” noted another resident, whose husband was forcefully drafted last year, despite a medical condition that was meant to exempt him from military service. “The whole village was taken this way,” her mother-in-law added.

The newspaper noted that a sense of resentment is steadily growing among the civilian population, with the majority feeling that their men have been targeted disproportionately, compared to larger cities, where it is easier to go into hiding. Residents say that even those already serving in the army, and young people below the draft age, are being stopped and questioned on the streets. Multiple videos of troops forcing men into vehicles have surfaced online in recent months, sparking rumors of kidnappings, contributing to panic among locals.

Yeah, they are a form of “kidnapping.” It used to be called “press-ganging,” a term I like, but which might be somewhat archaic. Most media just calls it “forced conscription.”

It’s worth noting that you can’t build an army from untrained villagers in a few weeks or months. It took the US 8 years to build the Ukraine military that fought for the first 18 months of the war (they’re mostly casualties now, but they fought a helluva lot harder than I expected – gotta give them that).

Ukraine announced a general mobilization shortly after the start of the conflict with Russia in February 2022, but thousands of men have since managed to flee. Following the failed counteroffensive in the summer of last year, Kiev was desperate to replenish its ranks, seeking to mobilize up to 500,000 new recruits.

The Russian military estimated Kiev’s casualties at over 444,000 – killed or severely injured – as of the end of February. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed last month that only 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in two years of hostilities with Russia, a figure that even journalists sympathetic to the Ukrainian cause have called implausibly low.

A lot of people think the Russian number is implausibly low as well.

If you look at these various Telegram channels of people obsessed with the war, they’re mostly putting the number of dead (not including other casualties, with the Russian 444,000 included) at “over 500,000.” I don’t know, of course. I guess no one knows. I’m not going to make a claim, other than obviously 31,000 is a sick Jew lie that sounds like the punchline of a Groucho Marx joke. I don’t know how Zelensky keeps saying it without laughing, as there is serious discussion of literally drafting women.

At this point, it’s sort of undeniable that Zelensky and his backers are purposefully depopulating the country. Even if they don’t actually draft women, these villages are not going to remain with no men left. The women will have to leave, presumably for some European country.

I give the Hohols a lot of shit, and have actually called for them to be genocided.

But the reality is, this is an atrocity, what the US and the Jewish Junta in Kiev have done to the Ukraine people. Although not on the same scale as what Zelensky’s cousins are doing in Israel, it’s an abomination to sacrifice this many human lives for reasons no one can even explain.