Zelensky Signs Law Making It Illegal to Express Sympathy for Russia, Up to 15 Years in Jail

The reason I love democracy is because of the freedoms.

And by “freedoms,” I mean abortion, man-anal rimjobs, mass non-white immigration, Jewish economic domination, and women running everything.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a law that allows for the jailing of anyone helping Russia amid its ongoing military offensive against Ukraine, the deputy speaker of Ukraine’s parliament said.

Speaking to Ukraina 24 on Tuesday, Alexander Kornienko argued that the punishment should also apply to around 20 “unpatriotic” MPs, who he said have fled the country in the face of the Russian attack that began on February 24.

(Note: Zelensky is totally not in Tel Aviv. He’s definitely in Kiev, where he is going to die for no reason.)

The law, which was passed by parliament in early March, provides for up to 15 years in jail for anyone helping “an aggressor state,” including making public statements in its support. This also includes voluntarily holding leadership positions in “illegal government bodies” on “temporarily occupied territories.”

Those found guilty of helping the enemy can be jailed for life if their actions lead to deaths or “other severe consequences.”

Ukraine’s State Investigative Bureau said last week that 38 high treason cases were opened against officials and police officers who defected to or worked with Russian troops.

These kinds of speech laws are just standard now for the governments claiming to be “freedom human rights democracies.”

In America, which has the most Jews, they had to maneuver around the First Amendment by privatizing it. But you’re not allowed to speak out against any leftist policy. Everyone knows that. You’re not allowed to publish online, you’re not allowed to engage in the economy, and even if you try to go out and speak on the street, you will be attacked by Antifa and charged with crimes, even if you don’t fight back.

People at January 6 protests who were simply standing outside the building are being charged.

Silencing and arresting people for speech is literally “our values” that we’re fighting for in the Ukraine, so there isn’t actually anything contradictory about the Ukraine silencing dissent.

nb4 “Russia and China are censoring too” – yeah, but what are they censoring?