ZOG Sues Town Over “Racism” For Blocking Mosque Plan

Daily Stormer
December 18, 2016



Why do they hate us? Because we’re insufficiently tolerant.

What is the ultimate purpose of the government?

Insuring our safety? Building roads? Health? Education?

Trick question!

The purpose of the government is obviously to insure the Islamic take-over takes place more smoothly, with no pesky resistance by hate-filled racists.

Daily Express:

The US Department of Justice is investigating the local authority of Sterling Heights, Michigan, after they denied the application to build the place of worship, claiming they were discriminating against Muslims in the area.

But while it was the first time Sterling Heights had rejected plans to build a religious building for a decade, they claim the reasons were a matter of practicality.

They claim planning permission was denied because of the size and height of the building, as well as lack of “harmony” with the neighbourhood and concerns the plans did not provide sufficient parking.


How could this possibly clash with a Michigan neighborhood?

Yeah, “parking.”

I’m sure the rape gangs would also have had some negative effects on the “harmony” of the neighborhood.

Anyway, it’s reassuring that the federal government can now override city ordinances and zoning rules without a second thought. That’s what freedom is all about.