12 Israeli Human Rights Organizations Say Country Not Complying with ICJ Provisional Ruling

There are Jews in Israel who are against the war, who want a two-state solution. There are also Jews in Israel who don’t even want Israel to exist at all, and would prefer living under the Palestine authority.

But they’re a very small minority. The analysis of most analysts is that there are three political wings in Israel: “right, far-right, and ultra-right,” and recent elections in Israel show that the population has taken a sharp turn right since the October 7 event.

We’re now hearing talk of Bibi being “forced out,” and if that were to happen, all evidence shows things would get much more hardcore.

People don’t seem to understand: Bibi is the moderate.

The Guardian:

Twelve of Israel’s most prominent human rights organisations have signed an open letter accusing the country of failing to comply with the international court of justice’s (ICJ) provisional ruling that it should facilitate access of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

The court in The Hague made a number of legal requirements of Israel when it issued a provisional ruling in late January in response to South Africa’s complaint accusing the state of committing genocide in its military campaign in Gaza.

The requirements included taking all measures to prevent intentional harm to civilians, facilitating immediate humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, preventing and punishing direct or public incitement to genocide, and preserving evidence of any wrongful acts committed during the country’s war against Hamas.

None of that has happened because the UN is a completely impotent, useless organization.

In their letter, the rights groups say Israel was legally obliged to implement the measures ordered by the court but had so far failed to do so. Signatories to the letter include the military whistleblower group Breaking the Silence and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

The ICJ order is a legal obligation to end the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. It must be abided by, not only to ease the urgent suffering of civilians but for the sake of humanity as a whole,” the letter says. It also notes that the ICJ urged Hamas to immediately and unconditionally release all Israeli hostages.

Obviously, Hamas can’t release the hostages while Israel is still attacking them. That would be nonsensical.

Anyone who even mentions Hamas at this point is a joke.

Firstly, Hamas was justified in their attack. Secondly, Israel let it happen on purpose. Thirdly, Israel has killed 30-50 times as many people as Hamas killed. Fourthly, Israel cannot defeat Hamas – they’ve proven that. They are not even trying to defeat Hamas. They are just slaughtering randos.