22-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her New Face Made Out of Buttock Skin After Pit Bull Attack

You almost don’t want to post such horrible stories, as it could lead people to believe that pit bulls are violent.

It is both a trope and a canard that pit bulls rip people’s faces off.

New York Post:

A Texas college student who was left “catastrophically” disfigured from a dog attack was bitten more than 800 times and lost almost 30 percent of her blood — as terrifying bodycam footage shows cops struggling to get the beasts under control.

Jacqueline Durand, a student at the University of Texas at Dallas, was mauled a day before her 22nd birthday in December when she showed up at the home of Dr. Justin Bishop and his wife, Ashley, to walk their two dogs.

But when she opened the door, the animals — a German shepherd mixed-breed named Lucy and a pit bull mixed-breed named Bender — pounced on her and pinned her down.

“I felt the skin hanging from my face,” Durand told CBS News in her first interview since the incident. “I thought I was going to die.”

Durand, who was shown in a wheelchair, also revealed the severe injuries to her face — which has undergone skin grafts from her buttocks.

The student also lost almost 30 percent of her blood in the life-altering attack and had to be resuscitated multiple times and put in a medically induced coma for a week, CBS News reported.

“She had to be resuscitated on the trauma table,” her father, John Durand, told the outlet.

“Multiple times,” added her mother, Shirley Durand.

“I was just glad to see her alive,” the mom said. “Her whole face was totally bandaged.”

Meanwhile, never-before-seen bodycam footage shows the responding officers struggle to get the dogs under control.

“We can’t make entry because of the dogs,” a cop can be heard saying in the footage.

It took 37 minutes from the time officers arrived to when medics felt safe enough to enter the premises.

Durand had her nose, ears, lips and cheeks torn off during the attack by the “bloodthirsty” animals, according to a lawsuit filed in January.

“The dogs violently attacked her head and face — mauling her catastrophically,” the suit says.

The dogs were so violent and bloodthirsty that they pulled all of Jacqueline’s clothes off, including her blue jeans. The dogs tore off and ate both of Jacqueline’s ears, her nose, her lips, and most of her face below her eyes.”

The 22-year-old likely only survived the nightmare because the security alarm at the Bishops’ home went off when the front door was left open during the attack, the outlet said.

The couple told investigators the dogs came from rescue organizations and that they hadn’t had any problems with them.

But the lawsuit includes a photo of an “ominous sign” on the couple’s front door that states: “Crazy Dogs. Please Don’t Knock or Ring the Bell. Call or Text Instead.”

There are groups of people who still defend these dogs, including the group Pit Lives Matter, which is known to do so-called “peaceful dog walks” which actually involve ripping off people’s faces and eating babies.

Pit bulls are called “pit bulls” because they were bred to fight bulls in a pit.

It was called “bull baiting.”

Then, because bulls are expensive and the whole thing was really dangerous, they started just having the pit bulls fight each other.

Having a pit bull as a pet is like hiring a trained child rapist as your babysitter.

As society generally looks down upon dog fighting – to the point where even black people can be sent to prison for it – there is no longer any reason for pit bulls to exist.

They should be genocided.

At the very least, pit bull breeders should be allowed to be sued for these injuries. I mean, they’re suing gun manufacturers now. And guns are literally sold under the very clear pretext that they are a deadly weapon.

These dangerous animals, literally bred to kill, are sold under the false pretext that they are pets.

It’s lunacy.