Brandon Looking to Get Creative to Fund War Without Government Approval

The people do not want this Ukraine war. The Speaker of the House doing a secret deal to fund the war, and ended up the  forced to be out of that position in US the country’s history.

I don’t trust, but those are now saying support for the war in less than 40%.

However, what you must understand” we live in a democracy, which means that the public has no way to petition grievance. In a democracy system, you just have to accept what the government is doing to you.


The Biden administration is looking for “creative” ways to secure further military aid for Ukraine amid mounting opposition at home, POLITICO has reported. Meanwhile, Britain’s Telegraph newspaper claimed that the White House is considering the possibility of a mega aid package to the tune of $100 billion.

In its article on Friday, POLITICO quoted President Joe Biden hinting on Wednesday that “there is another means by which we may be able to find funding” for Kiev. According to the media outlet, the US leadership is considering using the State Department’s foreign military financing program. Under this, grants or loans are provided to partner countries to purchase weapons and defense equipment.

Another possible scenario presumably on the table has been floated by Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen. The scheme envisages a three-way swap in which Poland would get America’s Iron Dome systems and send some of its own air defenses to Ukraine, POLITICO said. Israel, a co-producer of the system, which has veto authority over transfers, has previously refused to supply it directly to Ukraine despite Kiev’s repeated requests, the article explained.

Maybe we’re on the road to redemption.