A Spineless Appeal to Emotion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2013

Our Eternal Enemy, The Father of the Lie.
Our Eternal Enemy, the Father of the Lie.

The racial soul of the White European Man is defined by compassion. We care deeply about other people, about animals and the natural world. It is through this emotion of empathy that we rose above all the other peoples of the planet to build the greatest civilizations the earth has ever seen. Being capable of understanding – and feeling – the plight of others, we worked together for the greater good, while primitive tribes in Africa, the Americas and elsewhere remained locked in a state of constant warfare.

The racial soul of our eternal enemy, the Jew, is defined by an insatiable desire to destroy all things pure and good, and to rule over the ashes. Given that his physically weak form does not grant him the ability to destroy using direct force, he accomplishes his racial agenda through the most diabolical of manipulations. He is intrinsically capable of recognizing any exploitable characteristic in his intended victim, and for the White race, our most exploitable characteristic is our most sacred: our compassion.

It is thus that every agenda pushed upon us by the Jew is backed by a spineless appeal to emotion. From immigration, to sexual deviancy, to war, whenever the Jew seeks to transform our society, he does so by targeting our intrinsic, biologically-determined empathy.

And this is always a trick, as the outcomes of these agendas have consistently proven. These outcomes are not accidental – they are part of the continuing Jewish agenda to strip us of everything we are.

The reality is that the best way to achieve justice for all is to follow the traditions laid down by our ancestors. We know, deep down, what is right and what is wrong. It is in our blood. We need only take one step back to see that the surface-level psychological manipulation of the Jew, always pushing his various agendas, inevitably leads to suffering and death.

Herein, I will go through several examples of the way the Jew has pushed agendas upon us, employing illogical but emotionally-saturated arguments for the purpose of directing our perceptions of reality, and thereby directing our destiny as a race.


The Story

After all, we're all people, right?
After all, we’re all people, right?

The only argument (really an assumption) presented in defense of the massive influx of immigrants into our White homelands is the vague notion that we are helping the poor unfortunates by allowing them to “seek a better life” in our nations.

Here the most horrid form of Jewish psychological manipulation is seen: White Guilt. We are told that we have done evil to these primitive people, and that it is only justice that we allow them to enter our countries and fully strip us of all of the abundance our ancestors gave us.

Even if they rape and kill us, we cannot complain, because we deserve it, for all of the suffering we have caused them.

Besides, race doesn’t exist, we are all just people, so why does it matter if we are flooded with people of a completely variant genetic background? They are all just individuals, and we’ve met individual ones we liked, right? Only a bad hater, or perhaps a New Hitler, would deny brown people the right to flood their country.

The Reality

Actually, as it turns out, these people are creepy and weird, and I'd prefer it if they just stayed in their own countries.
Actually, as it turns out, these people are creepy and weird, and I’d prefer it if they just stayed in their own countries.

White Western nations have been intensely generous with every people on the planet. If we go back to colonial times, we can see that the vast majority of people felt that they were assisting the native peoples in bringing them civilization. Of course, we know now that this was wrong, and that these people are, on the whole, genetically incapable of being civilized, and the just thing would have been to leave them alone. At the time, this was not clear.

We can even go back to the Crusades, often framed as some sort of hateful religious war against the Muslim people by modern (mostly Jewish) historians, and see that they were in fact a very long put-off response to repeated attempts of colonization of Europe by Muslim invaders, who sought to strip our continent of its wealth and women. We have been, and continue to be, extremely tolerant of the historical menace of Islam.

We may note here a very crucial point: every living creature is an embodiment of his ancestors. You look, think and feel the same was as those who made you did, for their blood flows through your veins. Whenever we are told of the atrocities of our ancestors, we need only ask ourselves if it is something we would ourselves do. If it is not something we would do, then our ancestors wouldn’t have done it either.

If we fast-forward to the modern era, we have given hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid to allegedly developing nations. Third world countries would basically all be starving if it was not for the money given them by White countries.

Surely, exploitation of third world people is a reality, but it doesn’t take much looking to see that this exploitation is being done by capitalist industry which is almost entirely controlled by Jews, who have sought out the most scummy members of our race, along with the races of the poor nations they exploit, to collaborate with. If just White men were in charge of our nations, this exploitation would cease, as it is in direct conflict with our racial spirit.

Finally, we have the very serious reality that we are not in fact helping the third world races by allowing them in our nations: this is yet another Jewish lie, quite easily deconstructed.

These people desire to escape their nations because they are poor. Our nations have wealth, because our ancestors created wealth for our nations. As third world people, people from nations who have no wealth because their ancestors did not give them wealth, are brought into our nations, we are being brought down to their level. The obvious reason for the disparity between our nations and theirs, if we are capable of stepping outside of the politically correct establishment brainwashing for a moment, is that these people are genetically incapable of running a complex modern society, due to variant evolutionary development. These countries are less developed because the people who live in them are less developed.

As the White population of formerly White nations continues to drop in comparison with the non-White population, there will be less and less for the immigrants to feed off of. In the not too distant future, Europe and America (and Australia) will be on par with any other third world nation, and thus the immigrants we’ve brought in will be in the same situation they were in in their own countries, living in poverty and desolation.

We see this happening now, as every neighborhood that the immigrants inhabit is brought down to the level of the nations they’ve come from, despite the money we pour into them. If you have any doubt about this, find out where an immigrant neighborhood near you is, and go take a look. It is a plain reality – a reality which the manifestation of should not have been very hard to predict beforehand. But the racial agenda of the Jew involves weakening us by bringing in hordes of strangers, and so plain realities are not being considered.

The just and good way to help third world nations is to meet with the leaders of these nations, and discuss how we can help them improve conditions in their lands. I am not opposed to sending money, if we decide that this is the best way to approach the problem. Assuming we have sovereignty, and exist free of Jewish manipulation, White nations will always produce a surplus, and I would personally be very happy to see some of this surplus used to assist the less developed races of the earth.

The only group that mass third-world immigration benefits, in the long run, is the Jewish people, who seek to weaken the integrity of our society and our race by causing us to be overwhelmed by primitive peoples from far away lands.


What the Jew Says

Seems normal enough to me - why not give him some kids to raise?
Seems normal enough to me – why not give him some kids to raise?

We are told, largely through entertainment media, that homosexuals are just like everyone else, and should thus be accepted as normal.

Not only should we accept them as normal, we should allow them special privileges, we should allow them to promote their particular behavior pattern to children, we should allow them to marry and adopt children.

If we do not feel comfortable with this, we are experiencing some type of psychological problem, possibly due to religious indoctrination, or perhaps we ourselves are secretly gay, and oppose the gay agenda because it reminds us of something in ourselves we don’t like.

We are told continually of how much they suffer, because of the way they are. We don’t want people to suffer, do we? After all, they are people – we can see that they are people – why should we want them to suffer?

The only option is to embrace homosexuality as just as good, and possibly better, than the ancient traditional family unit.

The Reality

These people are sick and dangerous and pose a imminent threat to our children and the most basic foundations of Western society.
These people are sick and dangerous and pose a imminent threat to our children and the most basic foundations of Western society.

Homosexuality is an extremely destructive lifestyle. Far from the Will and Grace portrait that we are given, of a person just like us who happens to have a ‘preference’ for a different sort of sex, homosexuals suffer from serious mental illness. Male homosexuals have exponentially higher rates of drug abuse and obsessive and/or psychotic disorders, and tend to be involved in intense and dangerous levels of promiscuity.

It has been demonstrated that many homosexuals are pedophiles, and most homosexuality is likely a result of having been sexually abused as a child. It is only due to the politicization of this phenomena, by the Jewish establishment, that what were once accepted facts about the nature of this psychological disorder are now not allowed to be uttered.

The effects of the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle on society are also massive. Aside from breaking down traditional morality, labeling degeneracy and mental illness as normal, throwing us into a vacuum where we are incapable of knowing right from wrong, we are creating an environment where children are routinely abused or psychologically manipulated into joining the homosexual lifestyle of their own accord.

The promotion of homosexuality in society is, quite plainly, a war not simply on basic morals, but a war on the innocence of children. Imagine that the Jews have been able to twist this into a situation where anyone who questions it is, as Obama put it, “violating basic morality.”

The just and good way to deal with homosexuals is to give them treatment to assist them in recovering from this horrible mental illness they suffer from. Combined with a treatment program, we need to do as Russia has done and disallow homosexuals to promote their way of life in public view, with much more severe penalties if they attempt to promote it to children.


The Story

Think of the children!
Think of the children! Bombing must commence immediately!

Though war is often promoted by the Jews by exploiting the survival instinct, a much more base drive than our compassion – they tell us we will be killed if we don’t attack – appeals to compassion are always employed as well. This very often takes the form of an atrocity lie, which is a story invented about an supposed enemy committing an act of evil, for which they must be punished, and stopped from committing such an act again.

We saw recently that when the Jew wanted to use our military to attack Syria, he showed us pictures of dead children on his media, saying that because of these dead children, we must start bombing the country. Logic did not come into the picture, no one on the media asked “aren’t we going to be killing more children when we bomb them?” It is just “do you like children dying? If you do, then sure, let’s not bomb Syria.”

It didn’t work this time, but it has worked many times before.

In order to start the first Iraq War, we were told that Saddam’s army was throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators and dashing them on the floor of the hospital. Then we were told that we were bringing democracy to the Middle East for the second Iraq War, because the people really wanted it. We couldn’t stand by while civilians died in Libya.

And so on. The argument is always “we must bomb these people, because it is morally correct – if you disagree with this bombing plan, it is because you are immoral.”

The Reality

Bashir seems like a pretty cool guy.
Bashir seems like a pretty cool guy. Maybe that’s why the vast majority of his people are standing up to fight against the Jewish-backed foreigners who have invaded their country with a plan to depose him.

This reality is one that the masses are actually starting to get.

Enforcing morality through war is an utterly nonsensical concept, which only a Jew could have come up with.

Hell has broken loose in all of these countries we’ve invaded. This isn’t because the intentions were good, and we just screwed it up, trying to save people we accidentally turned their countries into war zones that will last for generations to come, it was all part of the plan of the Jew.

Iraq has begun another civil war. The fighting in Afghanistan shows no signs of letting up. Libya is run by torturing gangs of religious lunatics.

The solution to the problems in the Middle East is quite simple: stop funding Israel and allow the people of the Middle East to work out solutions to the problems themselves. Assist in any reasonable way, if asked to do so, but never in a way that favors one group over another, and surely never bomb people to save them from themselves.

Black Slavery, Black Oppression

The Story

Sweet lord, they had to use separate drinking fountains!
Sweet lord, they had to use separate drinking fountains!

We are told that our ancestors brutally abused the blacks, dragging them over in chains from Africa and forcing them to work on farms.

They were then freed, as a result of the brave acts of Abraham Lincoln, but they were not really free. They remained oppressed for decades following the end of slavery, simply because all the White people were really mean, and wanted to oppress them for some unclear reason.

We must now give them money forever, and never complain about their collective behavior, even if they collectively rob us and rape our women.

Not feeling guilty forever is immoral.

The Reality

Well now, this hardly seems like the end of the world.
Well now, this hardly seems like the end of the world.

Again, ask yourself if you would do what we are told our ancestors did to the blacks. If the answer is “no,” then you can be pretty sure that your ancestors wouldn’t have done it either.

The reality is that the transatlantic slave trade was run almost entirely by Jews, on both sides of the ocean, and the passage in between. Sephardi Jews from Portugal and Spain ran the program on the African end, buying slaves off of their black masters, they were loaded on to boats owned by Jews and shipped to America to be sold by Jews, usually to other Jews.

Louis Farrakhan has gone into detail about the Jewish nature of the slave trade and slave industry in his book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.

Though surely there were Whites involved, on some level, with the slave industry, they were in the peripheries of a process which would not have existed without the Jews.

The overwhelming majority of Whites opposed the slave trade on moral grounds, and it was pressure from these groups of abolitionists and their supporters who eventually caused the end of the slave trade. The story about Abe Lincoln going down and telling those evil racist Southerners they couldn’t abuse the blacks anymore is simply fantasy, based on the emotionally-charged war propaganda of the time; Southern states were in fact already in the process of freeing the slaves when Lincoln launched his war of aggression against the South.

The system of segregation, far from being some oppressive plot to abuse the blacks, was a just and reasonable system designed to deal with the fact that, because of the Jewish slave industry which brought hundreds of thousands of blacks into the country, we were now forced to live with these people among us.

Just as now, the blacks of the segregation era had an animal nature that made it impossible for them to be integrated into White society. Segregation was in no way meant to be cruel, it was merely meant to protect White people – particularly women – from the erratic violence of the black population.

We are told that all of the stories of “lynchings” were unjust killings – as if the men of the South were just running around killing black people for no reason at all. In fact, “lynchings” were a very rare occurrence, and they always happened as a result of a black committing a crime, often the rape of a White woman (but the Jews would have you believe that the ancestors of the men who rape White women in mass today weren’t doing anything at all wrong then, while your ancestors were running around murdering people for no reason at all – makes sense, right?).

The “Civil Rights Movement,” while backed up by endless emotional rhetoric, was in fact part of a Jewish plan to further breakdown the fabric of American society by requiring us to forcibly mix with a belligerent, dangerous alien minority, ultimately awarding them with an eternal victim status which now makes them, as a collective, invincible to criticism.

Clearly, this cannot go anywhere – we are more than 50 years in, and the blacks have thus far shown no signs whatsoever of a desire to integrate, in fact they are more distant from the mainstream of White American society than they were in the middle of the last century.

The just and moral solution to the black situation is the same as it has always been: we need to repatriate them to their own homeland in Africa, or allocate a certain percentage of the United States for their use, where they can all be transferred to and form their own racially homogeneous, sovereign state. This is what Malcolm X wanted, but he was killed and replaced with the Jewish-backed communist agent and criminal Martin Luther King.

We should, of course, give the blacks whatever resources they need in order to attempt to build their own way of life. That is only right. What is not right is allowing them to continue to rob and rape us while living as parasites in our country, telling ourselves we must deserve it because of the made-up actions of our ancestors. This is simply wrong.

The Holocaust

The Story

Oh, those poor, poor dears.  Those evil Nazis made them get haircuts.
Oh, those poor, poor dears. Those evil Nazis made them get haircuts.

It is beaten into our heads, virtually from the time we exit the womb, that the evil German Nazis killed six million Jews in gas chambers because they hated them because they were different (or whatever). We are not given physical proof of the existence of these gas chambers or that six million Jews just disappeared, but the amount of novels, movies, photographs of starved people in camps, perhaps even a real-life visit from a tattooed survivor, are enough to make us quite certain that such an event, outlandish as it may seem, did indeed take place.

Because this most horrible of events did take place, Jews, having suffered such a thing, cannot ever be collectively questioned on their collective behavior, because anyone who questions the collective behavior of the Jews is taking the first step in trying to again massacre all of the Jews in chambers of gas because of a vague type of extreme racial hatred. One may even be laying the cornerstone of a homicidal gas chamber if he even questions an individual Jew on his individual behavior.

Thus, Jews should be allowed to behave in whatever way they see fit, never subject to scrutiny of any kind from anyone, ever. Surely, a group which suffered so badly cannot possibly do anything immoral anyway, right?

We also need to support the racially pure state of Jewish Israel financially and militarily forever, as if we don’t, they could be Holocausted.

Anyone who questions the right of the Jews to maintain a sacred, eternal victim status is a hater who is probably already building a gas chamber in his basement, preparing for the next Holocaust.

The Reality

Dachau at 'liberation': Healthy Jewish mothers with their healthy Jewish babies.
Dachau at ‘liberation’: Healthy Jewish mothers with their healthy Jewish babies.

The Holocaust narrative is so aggressively emotional, targeted at our psyches at such an early age, that to question it is heresy in modern Western society. It is, however, complete fantasy. Originally, it was promoted by the allies to justify the fact that they had launched the biggest war in history against the nonthreatening German state, but it has now become something much bigger than mere wartime propaganda, literally serving as the basis for the entire Western Jewish power structure. If we were allowed to question the Jews, it wouldn’t take long before we figured out there is a serious problem with allowing these creatures in our society, and the myth of the Holocaust is what keeps us from questioning them.

The fact is that Jews had completely taken over Germany, and Hitler had every moral right to do what needed to be done to stop them from harming his people, and this included a right to put them in concentration camps during wartime until they could be safely removed from Europe.

Far from being the victims of World War Two, the Jews played a lead role in instigating it. They saw what had happened in Germany, with their power being stripped from them and returned to the people of that nation, and knew that it wouldn’t be long before the rest of the White Western world caught on and adopted a system similar to that of the Germans. They colluded with the White Capitalists, who were also threatened by the rise of National Socialism, and together they sold a war to the rulers of England, France and the United States.

It is fair to say that without the Jews, there is almost no chance that WWII would have happened at all. Thus all of the blood spilled is on their hands. And yet we are told to mourn for six million Jews which didn’t even exist, as the Jewish race continues to suck us dry, as well as rape and rob the rest of the world.

The just and righteous thing is to not only question the collective behavior of the Jewish race, but to force them to stop their endless abuse of the people of earth. If – when – the Holocaust fairy tale finally falls apart completely, as it is in the process of doing, we will be in a position to stand up and defy these monstrous people who have caused so much suffering.

We are Honorable Men, Dear Brothers – It’s in Our Blood

We cannot go on as we are, in this false reality constructed on emotionally-charged lies. Either we will stand up and oppose this system, or we will be completely destroyed.

It is time to remember who we are, and assert our birthright as the inheritors of the earth, for this is the only way in which justice and goodness can ever triumph in the realm of men.

Remember this always: it is for love, and love alone, that we fight.

Hail Victory.