Court Orders Alex Jones to Pay $1.5 Billion to Sandy Hoaxsters Despite Filing for Bankruptcy

This is the single goofiest lawsuit and judgement ever in all of history, and demonstrates on its own that America is an utterly ridiculous country.

Like, if the only thing you knew about America was that this lawsuit happened and no court overruled it, you would think it was a fake, joke country.

The Guardian:

A Texas judge has ruled that the Infowars host, Alex Jones, cannot use bankruptcy protection to avoid paying nearly $1.5bn to families who sued over his conspiracy theories that the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax.

The decision is another significant defeat for Jones in the wake of juries in Texas and Connecticut punishing him over spreading falsehoods about the nation’s deadliest school shooting. US district judge Christopher Lopez of Houston issued the ruling on Thursday.

Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year and more recent financial documents submitted by his attorneys put his personal net worth around $14m. But Lopez ruled that those protections do not apply over findings of “willful and malicious” conduct.

“The families are pleased with the court’s ruling that Jones’s malicious conduct will find no safe harbor in the bankruptcy court,” said Christopher Mattei, a Connecticut lawyer for the families. “As a result, Jones will continue to be accountable for his actions into the future regardless of his claimed bankruptcy.”

An attorney for Jones did not immediately return a message seeking comment on Friday.

After 26 people were killed by a gunman at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012, Jones made a false conspiracy theory a centerpiece of his programming on his flagship Infowars show. He told his audience last year he was “officially out of money” and has asked them to shop on his Infowars website to help keep him on the air.

But Jones’s personal spending topped $93,000 in July alone, including thousands of dollars on meals and entertainment, according to his monthly financial reports in the bankruptcy case. The spending stuck a nerve with Sandy Hook families as they have yet to collect any of the money that juries awarded them.

It’s a pretty good life, spending $100,000 a month on meals and entertainment.

He’s probably going to be able to keep it going. It looks like he can drag it out for a long time, and then service the judgements in a way that still allows him to live very lavishly.

Honestly, Alex Jones is really a Jew-lover. He just attacked Nick Fointays again, defending the Jews.

He says he’s ten times more attacked than Fointays, but I went to his site and found this:

You do not find the VISA logo on Nick Fointays’ website. I can tell you that. I also doubt that Fointays eats $93,000 worth of food a month.

Seriously, what even is that? King Kong couldn’t eat that much food.

He must be into some kind of wine or bourbon or something. Or he eats bizarre, Chinese style illegal wet market shit he has to import through the black market. I can picture Jones eating a pangolin.

I don’t even blame the guy for being rich. I think that kind of spending is heinous, regardless of how rich you are. But the issue is that he is rich because he doesn’t talk about Jews. I’d have $14 million and be eating pangolin if I had a VISA button on my website, was allowed to own a .com website, and so on. He keeps that VISA button on his site because he willfully denies the Jewish problem. That button would disappear if he said certain sentences.

It’s frustrating, to have him go out there and talk about how he’s the most targeted and most censored man. Because, sorry, it is a contest, and I’m that guy. And this guy Fointays is number 2. It’s a kind stolen valor when Jones makes these claims.

I really appreciated a few months ago when Darren Beattie was on Tim Pool and noted that actually, I’m the most censored. No one has to support me, I’ve never asked for that, but people should know that there are things they can do to you worse than what they did to Alex Jones.

But that’s not really the moral of the story. Jones’ personal character is not what is at issue. What is at issue is that a man was told to pay $1.5 billion for saying he thought something in the news was fake.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.