After ADL Spat, SEC Jews Jerking Elon’s Chain Over Twitter Takeover

The SEC has always been a bunch of chain-jerking kikes, but now they’re rattling that chain as they jerk it.

The Guardian:

Elon Musk is under investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission over his $44bn takeover of social media giant Twitter, it was revealed on Thursday.

The investigation concerns whether Musk broke federal securities laws in 2022 when he bought stock in Twitter, which he later renamed X, as well as statements and SEC filings he made about the deal.

In March 2022, Musk bought a 9.2% stake in Twitter and became the company’s majority shareholder. The purchase was not disclosed in an SEC filing until the next month. Twitter shareholders sued over the late filing shortly after, though their suit was dismissed. Faced with a trial that sought to compel him to complete the deal, Musk purchased Twitter’s remaining stock in a $44bn deal and took over the company in October 2022.

The SEC’s investigation was revealed on Thursday when the US agency sued to compel Musk to testify in their investigation, which he previously agreed to do and then reneged on.

Thursday’s filing escalates a long-running feud between Musk and the SEC that dates back to Musk’s 2018 tweet that he planned to take Tesla private and had funding secured. The SEC fined him $20m for misleading investors and forced him to step down as chairman of the company, a penalty he said in later tweets was “worth it”. Since then, Musk has repeatedly denigrated the SEC, which has opened multiple investigations into Musk over the years.

In the Tesla case, the SEC at least had an argument that he falsely inflated stock prices by publicly saying he wanted to take it private and then not doing it. Elon whined about that, I think with good reason, but the SEC at least had something. They had a plausible reasoning.

With Twitter, there is no such argument.

I don’t even know what is going on here. What exactly is the implication here supposed to be?

If anything, Elon screwed himself by showing his hand with the pre-purchase. The price of the stock went up.

No one can even begin to argue that Elon manipulated something to get a better deal. It was very much the opposite – he straight-up played himself.

If he would have went in without the stake, he would have been negotiating from a better position. As far as I can tell, he showed he was committed when he bought the first stake. I think this was a play to try to gain control of the company without buying the whole thing, but if so, that was stupid. That is like Putin thinking the West would back down if he invaded the Ukraine with 200,000 troops.

These people do not ever back down, and anyone who assumes they are going to back down is off the goop.

Elon says he’s going to war.

Well, bro.

You said that about the ADL.

The SEC is just another Jewish-American domination group.

Gary Gensler might seem less unhinged than Jonathan Greenblatt, but that just makes it easier for him to sneak the knife into your back.

Furthermore, “I backed down totally to that last Jewish group, but now I’m going to go after this other Jewish group and for sure win” is not rational or reasonable thinking.

You know Elon, we have a saying: “Go big or go someplace private and commit suicide.” Or something like that. I forget the exact saying.

But you are not going big, Elon. This is not serious behavior. I heard that stream with all those rabbis where you said you’re not an anti-Semite and you really, really love the Jews. If that’s the case, then please – give up. Just go along with the program.

There is no possible way you can resist the program without being against “the Jews.” That doesn’t mean you have to be against every Jew, but most of your Jewish friends will abandon or betray you, and they probably already have because you attacked the ADL.

There is no sneak attack on the Jews. There is no angle you can take.

The SEC is coming after you for the same reason the ADL came after you: because Jews are against free speech. You aren’t even doing free speech, but you’re suffering the consequences for it.

Your strategy is terrible.

If you actually go to war with the Jews, you will be shocked at the people who have your back. But as long as you do this pansy tap-dance thing, you’re going to lose everything for no good reason.