Post Laments “War on Women” After Brute Attacks Rando Woman on the Subway

It’s a war on women!

It’s also a war on Asians!

It’s loose policing!

It’s rising crime in the cities!

What it definitely is not, however, is a war on everyone by black people that was launched as the end goal of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Saying that is totally racist, even though literally all of these criminals doing this stuff are black.

As the entire world unravels around us, the number one fear of conservatives remains “being called a racist and/or an anti-Semite.”

That is the singular concern of all of these people.

They do not care about truth, or justice, or beauty. They do not care about God.

They care about Jews calling them mean names.

That Elon Musk podcast with Ben Shapiro last week was mind-blowing.

You can say “oh well, he’s concerned about his money.”

Does he think the Jews are going to forgive him?

Is he retarded then?

If he grovels before the Jews, if he bans more people the Jews want banned, then, somehow, the Jews will decide “okay, well, you are a good enough goy, you can keep your company”? That’s what this twerp believes?

Sorry, Elon – that is not reality.

You did a ritual humiliation, and that will simply be a part of your legacy: “Elon did a ritual self-flagellation in front of a bunch of rabbis, but then the Jews went ahead and destroyed him anyway. He continued to be called an ‘anti-Semite,’ even after losing all of his wealth.”