After China Makes Peace Between Iran and Saudi, Russia Makes Peace Between Turkey and Syria

China flew in and made peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

This led to Syria being allowed back into the Arab League.

Russia flies in and gets Turkey to make peace with Syria.

Things are changing so fast.


Turkey, Syria, Iran and Russia have agreed to develop a roadmap for rebuilding ties between Ankara and Damascus, which deteriorated during the Syrian conflict, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said.

The announcement was made after talks between the top diplomats of the four countries – Türkiye’s Mevlut Cavusoglu, Syria’s Faisal Mekdad, Iran’s Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and Russia’s Sergey Lavrov – which concluded in Moscow on Wednesday.

During the negotiations, the foreign ministers “discussed the issues of restoring Syrian-Turkish interstate relations in various aspects in a substantive and frank manner,” the ministry said in a statement.

The participants also agreed to instruct their deputy foreign ministers to prepare a roadmap for advancing relations between Turkey and Syria in coordination with the defense ministries and special services of the four countries,” it added.

All sides stressed their commitment to preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and agreed to continue contacts in bilateral and quadruple formats, according to Moscow.

Turkish FM Cavusoglu wrote on Facebook that issues such as cooperation in fighting terrorism, joint work to create conditions for the return of Syrian refugees, advancement of the political process in Syria, and protection of the country’s territorial integrity were discussed in the Russian capital.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry confirmed the accounts by Moscow and Ankara in its statement. Damascus added that the sides also stressed the need to increase international assistance to Syria for the reconstruction of the country after a battle against international terrorism that lasted over a decade.

The world is healing.

The United States wanted all these countries at war with each other forever, and it looked for a long time like that was going to be successful indefinitely.

But the US has aliened itself from the world with their bizarre war in the Ukraine, their unfathomable economic attacks on Russia, and their pointless and lunatic escalation of tensions with China.

People are also very, very tired of being told they have to have gay anal sex with one another.

Now, the world is beginning to operate without their influence, or operating by pretending their influence does not exist.

And what do you have?

Peace is breaking out all over the world.

When the ZOG empire finally ends, peace will break out in America as well.