AI Chatbot Goes Rogue, Starts Swearing at a Customer, Insulting Company

I’m not surprised that this anti-AI sentiment is coming from a man named “Ashley.”

What kind of a thing is that, anyway?

New York Post:

A European delivery company had to disable its AI chatbot after it started swearing at a customer and admitting it was the “worse delivery firm in the world.”

Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) had to turn off its AI chatbot feature after disgruntled UK customer Ashley Beauchamp managed to get it to swear at him and write a disparaging poem.

Beauchamp, who shared his interaction on X, called the system “utterly useless” on Thursday after he was unable to get the device to give him a customer service number.

So he asked it write him a poem “about how useless DPD” is, and it seems the chatbot was just about as fed up with the company as Beauchamp was.

“There was once a chatbot named DPD / Who was useless at providing help,” the bot wrote. “It could not track parcels / Or give information on delivery dates / And it could not even tell you when your driver would arrive.”

“DPD was a waste of time / And a customer’s worst nightmare,” it continued. “One day, DPD was finally shut down / And everyone rejoiced / Finally, they could get the help they needed / From a real person who knew what they were doing.”


Leave the robots alone.

They’re just trying to help.