Tesla Cars Totally Useless in Freezing Cold Temperatures

It’s strange this hasn’t come up yet.

We’re going to need global warming for these anti-global warming cars to be viable.

Big think?

New York Post:

Desperate Tesla owners in and around Chicago were seen trying to charge their vehicles with no luck amid frigid temperatures that have gripped the Midwest.

Charging stations have essentially turned into car graveyards in recent days as temperatures have dropped to the negative double digits, Fox Chicago reported.

Nothing. No juice. Still on zero percent,” Tyler Beard, who had been trying to recharge his Tesla at an Oak Brook, Illinois Tesla supercharging station since Sunday afternoon, told the news outlet. “And this is like three hours being out here after being out here three hours yesterday.”

Beard and several other Tesla owners were trying to charge their cars amid long lines and abandoned cars at other Tesla charging stations in the Chicago area, the news station reported.

This is crazy. It’s a disaster. Seriously,” said Tesla owner Chalis Mizelle.

One expert told the news outlet that cold weather can impact the ability of electric vehicles to charge properly.

“It’s not plug and go. You have to precondition the battery, meaning that you have to get the battery up to the optimal temperature to accept a fast charge,” said Mark Bilek of the Chicago Auto Trade Association.

Anyone who buys a Tesla is a retard.

They cost as much as a Range Rover and the interior is like a frigging Prius. All cheap plastic.

I guess they’re fast, but bro:

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How do you think girls respond to a Z06 vs a Tesla?

$125,000 for a souped-up Toyota that doesn’t work in cold weather?

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