Hamas Reveals Jewish Strikes Killed 2 of 3 Hostages

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Yesterday, Hamas released a video showing three hostages, and saying they would reveal the fate of the three later that evening. In the video above, which was released last night, Hamas shows video of all three speaking to the camera, and reveals that two of the three were killed in airstrikes.

There are of course all sorts of Jews complaining about the hostage videos. First they said that releasing a video saying they would reveal the fate of the hostages was like a game show and like something out of Black Mirror. Actually, they just did it to make sure the issue got attention.

The New York Post went so far as to claim that the first video was “asking whether the hostages should be killed,” which it obviously was not doing.

Israel and its shills will also always claim that the hostage videos are recorded under duress. On first glance, that claim seems fair enough, because after all, they are hostages who are speaking very well of the people who took them hostage and speaking ill of their own government.

However – however – half of the hostages were released already, and many of them have said, after release, when they had no reason to lie, that they never feared Hamas, that they were treated well, and that what they feared was being killed by the IDF.

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What’s more, Israel admits that they killed three hostages who were waving white flags.

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Ultimately, there is no argument that the government of Israel actually cares about the hostages, or is trying to free them. For the Israeli agenda, it is better if the hostages are not freed, and ultimately better if they die, so they can blame Hamas.

Israel could easily negotiate the freedom of the hostages by simply agreeing to end the slaughter of Palestinians. But Jews care much more about killing others than they do protecting their own people.

If Bibi can’t start a war with Iran, his political career is over, and he’s probably going to have to flee Israel for fear of being put on trial. This agenda he has is very unpopular, even among Israelis.