Algeria Bans Barbie Movie for Promoting Faggotry and “Other Western Deviances”

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I’m sort of starting to feel like I need to watch this Barbie movie, just to understand what’s going on with it.

Honestly, I’d rather watch this for research sake than sit through Oppenheimer (even though some folks have said the latter has secret messages about the Jews).


Algeria has banned the movie “Barbie,” which had been showing at some cinemas in the country for several weeks, an official source and the local 24H Algerie news site said on Monday.

The official source said the film “promotes homosexuality and other Western deviances” and that it “does not comply with Algeria’s religious and cultural beliefs.”

It’s so funny that “Barbie Movie” is an attack on global cultures.

I think it’s true.

I think really the dolls themselves were an attack on global cultures, no?