Lebanon to Ban Barbie Movie for Promoting Faggotry

They keep saying Lebanon has all these problems, but they seem to be doing fine, focusing on what matters.

The Guardian:

Lebanon’s culture minister moved to ban the film Barbie from the country’s cinemas on Wednesday, saying it “promoted homosexuality” and contradicted religious values.

Mohammad Mortada is backed by the powerful Shia Muslim armed group Hezbollah, whose head, Hassan Nasrallah, has ramped up his rhetoric against the LGBT community, saying it poses an “imminent danger” to Lebanon and should be “confronted”.

Mortada’s statement said the film was found to “promote homosexuality and sexual transformation” and “contradicts values of faith and morality” by diminishing the importance of the family unit.

He asked Lebanon’s general security agency, which falls under the interior ministry and is traditionally responsible for censorship decisions in the country, to take the necessary action to prevent the film’s screening.

There was no immediate response from the interior minister, Bassam Mawlawi, to a request for comment.

Lebanon was the first Arab country to hold a gay pride week in 2017 and has generally been seen as a haven for the LGBT community in the broadly conservative Middle East. But the issue has come into sharper focus recently, sparking tensions. Mawlawi last year took a decision to ban events “promoting sexual perversion” in Lebanon, understood to refer to LGBT-friendly gatherings.

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