Andrew Tate Facing Extradition to UK Over Fake Rape Claims

We’ve seen right-wingers say Andrew Tate was making porn and admitted to a bunch of wire fraud crimes on video. That is true.

However, that’s not what he is getting charged with. And it’s not why he’s being charged.

Say whatever you want about Tate (there is a lot to say, actually), but this is a political persecution.

The Guardian:

British police investigating allegations of rape and human trafficking have been granted a warrant to extradite Andrew Tate to the UK.

Bedfordshire police said they had been granted the warrant by authorities in Romania, but would have to wait until proceedings there on allegations of sexual violence and trafficking, which Tate denies, are completed.

Tate, 37, a controversial social media influencer accused of anti-women views, was detained in Romania on Monday after the arrest warrant was issued.

He and his brother Tristan, 35, face charges in the UK including “sexual aggression” dating to 2012-15, according to a statement by his public relations representative.

Wait, “sexual aggression” is a criminal charge?

“No, he didn’t rape me, or even ‘sexually assault’ me, but he was for sure sexually aggressive.”

Wew lads.

Bedfordshire police said in a statement: “As part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of rape and human trafficking, Bedfordshire police has obtained a European arrest warrant for two men in their 30s.

“We are working with authorities in Romania as part of this investigation and will provide an update in due course.”

It said its investigation was called Operation Moonwalk and asked “anyone with information about this specific investigation” to contact them.

Pretty awesome that the case codename is “Operation Moonwalk.”

These rape charges are as fake as the moonwalk.


The Tate brothers were charged with rape, human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women in a separate case in Romania after being arrested in the country’s capital in December 2022 alongside two Romanian women. All four deny the allegations.

The allegations from Britain led to their renewed detention in Romania and the extradition request went before a court in Bucharest on Tuesday. The Romanian court of appeal said in a statement that it “rules to execute the arrest warrant and … to postpone handing over the requested person until the final verdict in the criminal case argued at the Bucharest court”.

After the latest court hearing in Bucharest, the Tate brothers were released from custody and both deny the allegations against them in the UK.

The ultimate lesson here is: if you’re going to be going viral pissing power people off, don’t be within the jurisdiction of powerful people you’re pissing off.

Also, don’t run camgirl scams and then brag about it on video if you’re planning to bring down the Illuminati with viral TikToks.