UK Demands Full Explanation of Israel Abusing Medical Staff After Hospital Raid

Yeah, well.

They can demand all they want.

Jews have an absolute policy of not responding, beyond saying “whatever it is, Hamas did it.”

They don’t even respond to the US, which funds their entire country.

The Guardian:

A UK Foreign Office minister has called for an investigation into a report that medical staff in Gaza faced violent and humiliating treatment in detention after an Israeli raid.

Nasser hospital in the southern city of Khan Younis – at the time the largest functioning hospital in the Palestinian territory – was raided over several days by Israeli forces in an attack that began on 15 February.

At the time, doctors said that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) ground troops stormed the premises after cutting off roads to the medical centre and shelling its facilities. The attack forced patients, medical personnel and displaced civilians sheltering at the hospital to flee, and at least 13 patients died in the aftermath, staff said, mostly due to a lack of electricity needed to run equipment such as ventilators.

The IDF described the raid as “precise and limited” and based on intelligence that Hamas militants were operating from the complex and may have kept hostages there.

The military later said it had apprehended about 200 suspects during the operation. According to a BBC investigation published on Tuesday, dozens of medics from Nasser were among that number.

Three sources described being blindfolded, forced to strip to their underwear, and repeatedly beaten and subject to other cruel and humiliating treatment during detention. Dr Ahmed Abu Sabha, 26, said that he was held for a week, during which time muzzled dogs were set on him and his hand was broken by an interrogator.

Responding to a question from the Labour MP for Cynon Valley, Bethan Winter, Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell told the Commons that the British government was pressing for “a full explanation and investigation”.

Israeli attacks on struggling hospitals in the Gaza Strip have been condemned as a breach of international humanitarian law. Israel says the militants’ use of medical facilities to hide out or use as bases for launching operations makes the sites legitimate targets.

Yes, yes, yes.

We know the line.

Every hospital is a Hamas base.

Israel has destroyed hundreds of medical facilities in Gaza, and is yet to prove there was a Hamas base at even one of them, but at some point, statistically, one of them is going to have to be a Hamas base.

Then, all this death will be justified.