Andrew Yang Says SNL Shouldn’t Fire Guy for Saying Hilarious Shit About Chinks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2019

So Saturday Night Live hired this guy who actually said some funny shit about chinks.

I would have rathered he make fun of niggers, faggots, hajis, or literally any other race, but whatever – making fun of chinks is also funny. It’s just a lot less funny because it’s still not really politically incorrect to make fun of chinks.

Though I guess he said retard and faggot.


Variety reports additional episodes of Gillis’ podcast finds the comedian having “a long history of denigrating women, Muslims and the LGBT community, among other groups.” In one episode about the Battle of Gettysburg, Gillis refers to screaming soldiers as “so gay” and uses the words “retard” and “faggot.” One joke finds Gillis and his co-host comparing “hot Southern boys” being raped in the Civil War to “having gay sex in jail.”


People need to start saying some way more extreme shit.

Andrew Yang said not to fire him.

Who gives a heck what that chink thinks?

He used to be an interesting Chinese spy, now he just talks about trannies and shit I don’t care about.

This is stupid.

I hate all of this.