Saturday Night Live’s Black Star Michael Che Under Fire for “Anti-Semitic” Joke

Anti-Semitism – it’s just everywhere.

It saturates Jewish entertainment.

New York Post:

“Saturday Night Live” and star Michael Che are under fire from critics for a joke they claim was anti-Semitic.

Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half of their population. I’m going to guess it’s the Jewish half,” the Weekend Update correspondent cracked Sunday morning.

The vast majority of Israel’s population — 74 percent — is Jewish, according to the Jewish Virtual Library.

Vaccination rates of Israeli Arabs are much lower than Jews in the country, partially due to distrust of the government in the Arab community, according to a January article in The Christian Science Monitor.

By Sunday afternoon, the topic was trending, with many accusing Che and NBC of bias, and others coming to his defense.

Others defended the fake news bit, claiming that Che was making a statement about Israel not extending the program to the West Bank and Gaza. It is vaccinating Palestinian residents of east Jerusalem.

Palestinian leaders have accused Israel of racism in connection with the vaccine roll-out.

Leave Michael Che alone. Israel is not vaccinating the millions of Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem & Gaza–all of which is ultimately under Israeli control. As a Jewish woman of conscience, I find this medical apartheid appalling,” one woman tweeted.

Saturday Night Live is a Jewish show, created by Jew Lauren Michaels, and has always been written by Jews.

This is like when they said the New York Times (international) ran an “anti-Semitic” cartoon – the one showing Donald Trump being led around as a blind man with Bibi Netanyahu as a seeing eye dog.

That cartoon was commissioned and approved by a Jew (it was never determined if the artist himself was Jewish, but he probably was and it doesn’t matter), and this joke was written by a Jew.

There are Jews that want Israel to open up. More and more, these are the most powerful Jews (George Soros and much of the media).

But they also want to keep a constant specter of anti-Semitism, saying that everything is anti-Semitic, and blaming their own jabs at their own country on whites, or in this case some goofy black guy.

It is also true that Lauren Michaels is an old school Jew, and they used to have a lot more humor about being Jewish (think Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, and most recently, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David).

Here’s an example of old Jewish humor on SNL.