Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Co-Chair Resigns After University Refuses to Obey Jews

Raffaella Sadun

There’s just no stopping these antisemites who think Israel shouldn’t slaughter tens of thousands of children.

They’re an unstoppable force.

New York Post:

The co-chair of Harvard’s new antisemitism taskforce abruptly resigned over the weekend — reportedly after she became frustrated that university officials refused to commit to making changes to make the campus safer for Jewish faculty and staff.

Harvard officials shockingly announced on Sunday that business professor Raffaella Sadun — who was appointed to the newly-created Presidential Task Force on Combating Antisemitism just last month — had stepped down from her post.

Sadun issued a statement that she was “grateful” for a chance to work on the taskforce and that she would continue to work on the issue as a faculty member.

But, behind the scenes, she was fuming over the intransigence of the university administration, according to insiders.

The Harvard Crimson reported that Sadun had repeatedly demanded that the university must commit to acting on recommendations from the task force — even before they are formally issued — instead of treating them merely as advice.

She ultimately decided to step down because the task force’s mandate did not include swift changes to combat antisemitism at Harvard, sources told the student-run newspaper.

I think at this point it would only be reasonable for the IDF to begin bombing Harvard.