Anti-Jewish Protesters Break Into the Capitol

I support these people, so I’m not going to mention January 6.

No, actually, you know what – I am going to mention January 6.

The reason Palestinian protesters are allowed to invade the Capitol is because the federal government is afraid of them. They were never afraid of MAGA.

Also, this event was organized by Jews, which… figure that one out.


Scores of pro-Palestinian protesters staged a sit-in protest in the US Capitol on Wednesday, demanding that the US back a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Police arrested multiple demonstrators who refused to leave the building.

The activists broke away from a larger demonstration on the National Mall and sat on the floor in the House Office Building, as a ring of police looked on. Chanting “ceasefire now!” the protesters held banners reading “let Gaza live” and “not in our name.”

Shortly after the protest began, Capitol Police warned the crowd to disperse, before moving in and detaining those who refused to comply. Capitol Police reported that roughly 300 people were arrested.

The demonstration was organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, which claimed that more than 350 people, including 24 rabbis, took part. Outside, the group claimed that up to 10,000 people marched “to challenge the Israeli government’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.”

Israel’s air campaign against Hamas militants in Gaza entered its 12th day on Wednesday. Launched in response to a large-scale attack on Israel by Hamas, the Jewish state’s response has left nearly 3,500 dead and more than 12,000 wounded, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

American officials and lawmakers have overwhelmingly backed the Israeli military response, with President Joe Biden visiting Tel Aviv on Wednesday to show his country’s solidarity.

Maybe they will go after these protesters like they went after the J6ers.

But you know, I doubt it.

As far as the issue of these pro-Palestine groups being run by the Jews – here’s the thing about the Jews: they will run everything you allow them to run. You see Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, and Joel Pollock running the American conservative movement. But it gets worse. Jews constantly get caught running neo-Nazi movements.

They will run anything you allow them to run.

If you want to have an organization against the Jews, you have to say “no Jews.” At the very least, you can’t allow Jews to run it. They will make you impotent – or worse.

That Jew who ran the American Nazi Party, Frank Collin (Cohen), turned it into a pederasty factory for molesting little boys. Then that fat piece of shit Harold Covington (rot in piss, you bulbous freak) found the pictures of him molesting boys and instead of going to the cops, he tried to blackmail the kike.

You notice that the Ayatollah doesn’t have some kike running his department of anti-Zionist affairs.

Maybe there are some Jews who are okay. I’m not saying that’s impossible. But if they are okay, they should understand why you’re not going to put them in charge of anything. Let them support you, okay, but don’t put them in charge of your anti-Jewish group. That is insane.