Former Israeli Military Officers, Politicians, Protesters Calling for Bibi to “Resign Now”

Bibi has some very serious and complicated political problems.

I’m not really seeing or hearing this narrative in the media. There is too much shock and awe from the bombings. But Bibi now has the far-right against him over botched security and an inability to respond to Hamas in any meaningful way.

It’s a situation similar to when Trump effectively attacked his own core base by promoting that safe and effective deadly vax.

The Guardian:

Former Israeli military, political and intelligence officials have expressed doubts over the leadership of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as debate rages inside the country about the response to the Hamas attacks on 7 October that killed 1,400 Israelis.

Former prime minister Ehud Barak described the terrorist attack as “the most severe blow Israel has suffered since its establishment to date”. “I don’t believe that the people trust Netanyahu to lead when he is under the burden of such a devastating event that just happened under his term,” he told the Observer.

A former chief of staff of the Israel Defence Forces said that Netanyahu should “resign now”, while a former intelligence official described the government as “dysfunctional”.

Barak, one of Israel’s most decorated soldiers, who participated in several hostage rescue operations, said: “The hostages are a major issue, one that has the attention of our leadership and our people, but at the same time there is a need to eliminate the military capability of Hamas and its role as the ruler of the Gaza Strip.”

He described the attack by Hamas as “a major failure. It’s the most severe blow Israel has suffered since its establishment to date … I don’t believe the people trust Netanyahu to lead when he is under the burden of such a devastating event that just happened under his term.

It’s clear this was negligence and failure on several levels. It was a failure of our intelligence to follow the preparations that took place over the past year, perhaps longer,” he said. “It’s not easy to decide on the spot what really happened but, for sure, the public lost its trust, both in the army and in the political leadership.”

Cabinet ministers including the controversial far-right finance minister Bezalel Smotrich, defence chiefs including the Israeli military chief of staff Herzi Halevi, and Ronen Bar, who heads Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, the Shin Bet, have all apologised for the failure of the Israeli government to protect its citizens after the attack. A recent poll found that 80% of Israelis want Netanyahu to take responsibility for the failures that allowed Hamas’s incursion. In a separate poll earlier this month, 56% said Netanyahu should resign after the war ends.

Lt Gen Dan Halutz, a former chief of staff of the IDF and commander of the Israeli air force, as well as an outspoken member of the movement that opposed Netanyahu’s judicial reforms, said the Israeli premier was unlikely to issue a public apology.

While protesters who gathered outside the Israeli military headquarters in Tel Aviv expressed concern that Netanyahu was unfit to lead Israel in this moment of crisis, Halutz said he continued to trust military leaders directing Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip. Israeli bombardments of the territory have killed more then 4,385 people and injured an estimated 13,000 over the past two weeks, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.

From my point of view, [Netanyahu] should resign now, as we speak. There are better people to handle it,” he said.

“He thinks that he’s above God, he thinks he’s the saviour of Israel and unfortunately we failed to explain that it’s the other way around, that he is the destroyer of Israel and his personal issues are leading him and not the country to benefit,” he said.

Common sense would say that Bibi’s political career is over.

However, his path has not followed common sense.

I’ve always sort of assumed that he’s kept serious blackmail on his own cousins in Washington, as that is really the only obvious explanation as to why Washington tolerates him creating all of these massive and unnecessary problems for “global Jewry.”

But then, you see that the ADL, Chuck Schumer, and various other establishment left top Jews support him, and maybe the thing is not totally obvious.

I’m against all Jews except Glenn Greenwald, Norman Finkelstein, and Oliver Stone, so I don’t really care very much.