Are Cellphones Going to Cause the Apocalypse?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2019

I saw this picture.

Notice anything?

Every single person in that audience is holding a phone up to film the scene.

If you look at any other rally picture, it’s the same thing.

What could possibly be the point of that?

Firstly, everyone knows what Trump looks like.

Secondly, if it is really important to you to see what Donald Trump looked like at the exact time you saw him, you can find it on YouTube. Every rally is uploaded to YouTube from multiple different angles.

Thirdly, what are you going to do with that video footage? Watch it yourself? Show it to people? Any people that you would show it to already know what Donald Trump looks like. Everyone on earth knows what this man looks like.

Fourthly, if you really, really just want to prove you were there to all your internet friends, you can just take one selfie with Trump in the background. That’s all you need to prove the thing happened.

This filming of things with the cellphone has become a compulsive behavior.

You could go into some sort of weird and gay-faggot post-structuralist philosophy, if you were the kind of dickhead who does that, and talk about how “people need to film things in order to ensure that it happened” or “they can only feel real inside of the media spectacle,” because they’re so disconnected from reality due to being inundated with media.

But that is an overly complicated and convoluted explanation, and if it is your explanation, you are probably just trying very hard to be interesting because you know deep down that you’re really just not very interesting. (But oh, how you want people to believe you are interesting.)

It seems more likely that these phone people have integrated the phone experience into their basic sensory experience and view it as an extension of their bodies, using it as a type of sixth sense.

The human psyche has integrated the phone as a sensory organ. In the instance of the Trump phone people, the filming isn’t looked at as interrupting the experience, but enhancing it – in the same way that the sense of smell enhances a walk through the woods.

Basically, you can adjust to any physical item and start viewing it as a part of you. The most obvious example is wheelchair cripples who, after a few weeks in the chair, move the chair as they would their legs. We all experience that with our cars, this sensory understanding that the vehicle is an extension of our bodies (at least men do, I’m not actually sure how a woman experiences driving, but I suspect it is differently). A lesser example would be eyeglasses.

The phone follows the same concept, but it is much more complicated in nature, so the human attachment to it is more complicated. Basically, the fundamental human orientation to spacetime has been dislodged. In the universe of the phone, everything happens across everywhere at the same time, and the constant connection to everything that has ever happened, immediate access to every video recording ever, makes both time and space at least partially irrelevant in the human psyche.

The word “addiction” is brought up a lot by phone people critics, but although that is technically accurate, I think that reduces the scale of the issue. Is a cripple addicted to his wheelchair? Well, he certainly won’t like it if you take it away from him. He’ll just flap around on the ground and say “hey, give me back my wheelchair, my legs don’t work!”

For those of us still living in reality when we are in public – my phone’s screentime reads less than 30 minutes a day, which is mostly from answering text messages while I’m at home or when I’m trying to meet someone, or checking news over coffee – the situation of mass phone use is annoying, to say the least. Everyone having their face in their phones all day long is interfering with our social mechanisms and our general reality experience. Being the only person in a cafe or social event not looking at a screen feels not terribly unlike being the only sober guy at a drunken party.

Because even if you’re not talking to other people, it is a part of normal socialization to be able to see other people’s faces and eyes when in public places.

I am not a Luddite, and I am not necessarily even against the integration of technology into our public spaces. However, I do not really feel that anything is being improved by these devices.

What are People Doing with These Machines?

I observe the users, and they are mostly just mindlessly scrolling through meaningless nonsense on social media – pictures of people they know, sexy pictures of girls, pictures of cars, shitty memes that are not even funny at all. Sometimes they are watching TV shows or sports or playing stupid children’s games.

The phone is a magic traveling device which allows you to enter into realms more interesting than the normal reality that would otherwise be in front of your face – but when infinity opens up, not many people appear to want to go to anywhere too interesting. It’s a bit like giving the cosmic cube to a retard – to someone with Down syndrome.

The only input action I see them engaging in is when they text, and I have actually asked strangers – both men and women – to show me their texts, because I just don’t give a fuck. You’d be surprised how many people will just open up messages and scroll through them for you if you ask them directly. As long as you don’t want to take the phone out of their hands, they’re happy to share.

It goes like this:

Me: Hey, who are you texting?

Them: My friend…

Me: What are you texting about?

Them: Uhhh…

Me: Can I look?

Them: [shows me texts and scrolls through them]

What I have found in my research is that the texting is as inane as the scrolling (although arguably better because at least it is input rather than simply absorption). They are texting people about “where are you?”, “who’s with you?”, “what did you do last night?” – “I’m at work,” “my dad is here,” “I just stayed home and watched Netflix.”

Of course, most human communication is inane on this level, because most people are stupid and boring and there certainly isn’t anything you can do to change that. However, this displacement of space and time needs to be examined further, because it is leading to a type of ultimate fugue state.

The bottom line is that the cellphone experience is weird. It is just totally outside of anything human beings were prepared to experience, this ability to manifest real and imaginary realities in front of your eyes at any time, to communicate across space and time constantly.

Yes, it is something that was built up from other things: the television – which is something that I would also argue humans were totally unprepared for and should have been studied extremely critically before it was ever allowed to be marketed to the public as a consumer item – and then the personal computer after that. But the phone is fundamentally different than a TV with a million channels, or a computer with the internet, for the simple fact that you carry the phone with you everywhere you go and it takes on this “sensory organ” status and is integrated into the psyche’s perception of the body and the physical environment (because yes, the brain interprets the images on the screen as a part of physical reality).

The communication aspect of the device allows for the psyche to consider the device fundamentally an important part of the body, but it is the imagery from it that is causing the greatest disturbance.

People are traveling to new realities using these phones. Many of these realities are fake or otherwise very strange. Trillions of dollars are involved in creating these realities for people to experience, and statistical data is mass-collected and used to make these realities more appealing and immersive. Whether it is imagining sex with all of these women IN YOUR AREA, being immediately connected to lifelike video and photos of everywhere in the entire world at the same time, streaming Japanese cartoons or watching blocks and bubbles explode as you click them, a portal to infinite realms is constantly open, wherever you are, and anything can happen in these realms.

I believe that this integration of infinite realms into the human sensory experience is what has led to the widespread acceptance of bizarre and satanic things such as trannies and goofy Russian spy conspiracies. The screen portal has allowed people to believe that anything is possible in infinite realms, and the fact that the psyche has integrated the portal into its fundamental understanding of the world means that teenage boys cutting their dicks off or vast Russian cheeseburger conspiracies are no more or less real than anything else.

And no, that is not post-structuralism. It is simply a basic fact of the way the human brain functions.

The entire situation is made millions of times worse by the fact that the Jews have locked down the internet and made it so people who disagree with them are not allowed to create realities to combat the realities they are creating.

I created a reality – which already existed – where all Jews deserve to be rounded-up and stuffed in gas chambers because they are a satanic nuisance species. But we see what happened with that. We have moved into a central control mechanism for the infinite reality in which realities are not infinite, they only appear to be to silly goyim.

If the internet was still free, I might be thinking “fuck it, just open up the gates of digital infinity and let’s see what happens.”

But the internet isn’t free and we’ve moved into a situation where people are being fed false realities for the purpose of mass social manipulation.

Many Other Problems

There are other problems here. Too many to list, but I’ll give some of the bigger ones.

But before we go into that, I want to address the constant refrain of “soon it will be implanted into people’s brains.”

Obviously, that is something that will happen on a long enough timeline, but we don’t know the timeline at all, and it is probably much longer than people are thinking. Facebook has been working on this, and though people are saying it is advancing quickly, that doesn’t really mean very much. Alongside the development of the technology, there is also the fact of getting people to adopt it. The initial devices will probably have to be implanted in people’s skulls. That would take 10 years to get approval for general consumer use and, after it was approved, it would take 10 years for large numbers of people to adopt it (unless they were able to figure out a way to have external devices interact with the brain during one of those 15 year periods, in which case this timeframe would be contracted). And the interface mechanism itself is 15 years away from being developed – at least.

So we’re talking about a 25-50 year timeframe before a Black Mirror type neural interface is likely to become a widespread phenomenon, and I think probably some manner of large social change is going to happen much before that, which will put such things in a totally different context.

Point being: I think that it is a distraction to talk about “the next step.” Because we are dealing with a very serious issue right now.

Social Decay

If you haven’t noticed, the society is literally collapsing.

As I mentioned above, there is a high annoyance factor when not plugged into this phone system, but the issue is much bigger than that. It is also bigger than simply accepting new and even stupider Jewish hoaxes, like trannies and Russian kookspiracies.

What we have is a situation of total and complete escape from everything. The mind is ranking realities based on the quality of the reality experience, and it is factoring in, on a scale, that the realities where you click boxes and they explode is better than the reality where your family is all on drugs and immigrants and black people are running wild everywhere. So the brain is registering that it can click out of actual reality in the way that it can click out of a disconcerting ISIS beheading reality it has experienced.

This creates a loop, where the cellphone realities are favored even more by the brain, and because people are favoring the cellphone realities, they are caring less about actual reality.

We’ve basically already reached a singularity of escapism.

Complaining about real life, and demanding politicians fix these problems, has become no different than complaining about an MMORPG that never gets updated and demanding the developers put more effort into it.

Along with the breakdown of the outside world, people’s homes are breaking down, as they prefer digital relationships to people that they never see in real life to those that they live with. Because they’re easier. And when one family member escapes into the world of the phone portal, the rest go there as well to meet their relational needs.

The situation is entirely unsustainable.

Women and Sex

Phones have destroyed relationships between men and women far beyond anything feminism ever could have hoped to achieve.

For women, sex is more about attention than it is about an actual drive to engage in the act itself.

Yes, I know that women do really seem to enjoy the act itself much more than men do, what with all of the noises and such. But I’m sure I would really enjoy taking a shot of heroin, eating a bucket of ice cream or riding a roller coaster right now, and yet I have zero drive to go do any of those things. Just so, men enjoy sex much less, if at all, and yet have this constant drive to do it. So the fact that you enjoy something or not does not mean that there is or isn’t a fundamental biological drive to do it.

Women simply do not have the same testosterone levels as men, and testosterone creates the sex drive.

What women have is a chronic need for affirmation of their value.

For women, the sexual act is about being the focus of a man’s attention. So the lead-up is as important as the act. And even the act itself is that of a man being completely focused on a woman, her absorbing all of his masculine energies for herself.

So the drive of the man to commit the sexual act and the drive of the woman to absorb his drive to commit that act work together to produce meaningful relationships, love and families.

What the phones have created is a one-way street of these formerly complementary needs. Women turn on the phone and have hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of men giving them attention. This is even the case for fat women.

People are having less sex than at any point in history, because the women don’t really need the sex. If they decide they want to have sex, they can choose from the absolute most attractive of these men – men that are more attractive than they are, so men who will not be interested in forming a relationship with them.

The fact that men are not getting any sex drives them further into fawning over women on the internet, which just further reinforces the woman’s position.

This situation isn’t changing and it won’t change. We’ve hit a wall of hard biological reality.

The Next Generation

The iPhone is twelve years old. The first one was released in 2007. So the oldest children who have used these devices as toddlers are 16 or so, and they would be rare. Probably, the average child who grew up with its whore mother giving it a phone or a tablet to play with when it was 3 is 11-12 right now.

We do not know what these people will be like when they become adults. But I can tell you for an absolute fact they are going to be different than any other people who have ever lived. We see how these devices have affected boomers, the fat old fucks sitting there all day long playing children’s games and finding people they haven’t seen in 40 years and texting them “what are you doing right now?” So I just can’t even imagine what this next generation is going to be like, having had these portal devices attached as a sensory organ since they were old enough to crawl.

But if I were asked to imagine it, I would imagine that they would be completely malleable. Totally and completely disconnected from reality, and ready to be fed absolutely anything through their devices.

The head of the Russian Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, said that cellphones appear to be a sign of the coming of the Antichrist.

Having examined the issue, that checks out.

So, What’s the Solution?

There is literally no solution.

We’ll just have to see what happens, I guess.