Arestovich Says Western Dehumanization Propaganda Against Russia has Backfired

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Arestovich is such a weird person. He’s one of the most interesting people on the public stage, really in the entire world, but certainly the most interesting figure associated with the Ukraine conflict (he might be tied with Punished Medvedev, I guess).

He has insights, and he says them quite frankly. He’s lacking some mechanism in his brain, and his role as a public figure seems to be primarily about entertaining himself by giving out uncomfortable facts and watching the reactions.

It was really obvious that the dehumanization campaign couldn’t have any positive outcome, and it just demonstrated to me that the people making these decisions are not competent. Before Biden took office, I don’t think people really had any idea just how deranged these people had become. Then you had the Afghanistan pullout, and everyone was scrambling to figure out some kind of conspiracy theory explaining how that debacle was really 4D chess. It turns out, Western leadership is just totally unhinged. They believe they are unassailable, so they simply do not care about competence.

This attitude is interesting. I’ve posited that it relates to the fact that this is a generation of Jews that inherited the US empire, rather than worked to conquer it. You have these issues with dynasties throughout history, which is why monarchs throughout history would often (or even usually) send their sons to fight wars – to harden them, and teach them that nothing is free, that life is a struggle.

It’s difficult to grasp who even came up with the idea of banning performances of Tchaikovsky, removing Tolstoy from libraries, canceling ballets, and so on.

As recently as the Iraq War – which was in part run by Victoria Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan – the narrative was “the Iraqis are good people – we are trying to free them from a tyrannical government.”

Somehow, these people decided that in this war, the narrative should be that the Russians are genetically evil, that they are an entire race of monsters, and that their entire history is evil. They called them “orcs,” which, as a reference to the hordes of Mordor, implies an alien species of evil monsters.

A random Russian guy was eaten by a shark in front of his wife and kids while on vacation in Egypt, and the American internet propaganda machine that supports the war (called “NAFO,” a stupid play on “NATO”), as well as the Ukrainian media and government, celebrated the man’s death. At the recent NATO summit, war supporters were carrying around plushie sharks, and (mostly American and British) war supporters held an event with the shark plushies.

The team of Alexi Navalny (the American-backed opposition in Russia) flipped out over this, and some of them actually suggested Putin was encouraging NAFO supporters to celebrate the deaths of innocent Russians in order to rally support for the government.

Because all Russians are evil, it is good when any of them die. The American-Ukrainian internet defense force was recently making memes mocking a little girl whose parents were killed by British missiles when they were on their way to a family vacation.

It’s gotten incredibly morbid, and it’s just so confusing as to who it is meant to appeal to, beyond seriously psychopathic trannies on Twitter – who, by the way, are not a very large group of people.

I know as a matter of fact that really liberal Russians who supported America and the opposition in 2020 are now rallying around Putin, because the Americans/Ukrainians are apparently pushing for some kind of genocide.

It’s simply an obvious fact that if you were doing this war, you would want to establish a fifth column in Russia that supports the Ukraine. The only way any of this could work is if you convinced the Russian people to riot and overthrow Putin in a color revolution. But the way they’ve managed this racial hatred campaign, there’s virtually no scenario where the people will turn against Putin, because he’s protecting them from a group of people who wants to feed them to sharks and murder the parents of young children and laugh.


A general Ukrainian effort to “dehumanize” Russians has become the main “mistake” made by the country in the ongoing conflict, Aleksey Arestovich, a former adviser to President Vladimir Zelensky said on Sunday.

Speaking to journalist Yulia Latynina, Arestovich condemned the systemic efforts to “dehumanize” Russians, stating that the strategy has clearly backfired and purportedly only gave Russian troops more reasons to fight.

The main thing we did was to allow ourselves to dehumanize the Russians. This is our main mistake. At first we held on and then we delved into all that with pleasure. The collective Ukrainians, I mean. We allowed that to pour into the internet,” Arestovich stated. He added that such behavior gave average mobilized Russians –not professional soldiers– “an excellent motivation to fight.”

The former aide to the Ukrainian president didn’t elaborate on when “collective Ukrainians” had switched from what he called “behaving like a European nation” to “demonizing” Russians, with ordinary citizens in a neighboring state “creating an image of an orc.”

From the early days of the conflict, Ukrainian propaganda has been actively portraying Russian troops as primitive savages who’d never seen basic home appliances, toilets or even paved roads. This disinformation also alleged widespread looting, as well as the torture and rape of Ukrainians. The charges against Russia were amplified by top officials, among them the then-human rights chief Lyudmila Denisova, who ultimately was sacked after most of the rape claims turned out to be fake.

Yeah, it’s for sure been real weird.

Hitler actually says in Mein Kampf that World War I German propaganda was totally counterproductive because it portrayed the Allies as bumbling morons and when the Germans met them on the battlefield, that did not reflect their experience.

I think I would have fun hanging out with Arestovich.

When he was still in the government, he would refuse to wear a shirt – and not because he was doing a military LARP. It seemed to be more of a way of saying “this is a joke, lol”