China Does Serious Drills in Response to US-Backed Revolutionary Faggots in Taiwan Pushing “New Ukraine” Agenda


The US is apparently intent on escalating the Taiwan crisis that Joe Biden’s administration created into some kind of Ukraine style debacle.

They just keep doubling down, while knowing, as a matter of fact, that there is zero chance that Beijing will agree to this.

Frankly, I have looked into Vivek Ramaswamy’s policy statements on the issue, and he’s saying pretty much exactly what I would say: there is a big difference between the issue of the global semiconductor industry being based in Taiwan, and this bizarre nonsense about how “Taiwan is an independent country.”

China only vaguely cares about the semiconductor industry, which they were happy to have as an open market before Biden started with this war talk. Vivek says we should tell the Chinese “we need to build our own semiconductor industry, that is going to take us until 2028, and then you can go ahead and reunify however you see fit.”

The American retards are so fat and stupid that they can’t even understand the basic implications of that, and instead think that Taiwan is an independent country that the mainland is bullying for no reason.


China launched military drills around Taiwan on Saturday as a “serious warning” to separatist forces in an angry but widely expected response to Vice President William Lai’s visit to the United States, drawing condemnation from Taipei.

Lai, the front-runner to become Taiwan’s president in elections in January, returned from the United States on Friday. He officially made only stopovers on his way to and from Paraguay but gave speeches while in the U.S.

The People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theatre Command, said in a brief statement it was carrying out joint naval and air combat readiness patrols around the island.

William Lai, an evil nerd who would have gotten away with it

Taiwan’s defence ministry said it had detected 42 Chinese aircraft and eight ships involved in drills around the island from Saturday morning and that it had deployed ships and aircraft in response.

Twenty-six Chinese aircraft crossed the median line of the 100-km (60-mile) wide Taiwan Strait, or areas beyond each end of the line, the ministry said in a statement. For decades, the line served as an unofficial barrier between the two militaries.

Oh, so the Taiwan Strait is a barrier between Taiwan and the mainland?

Thanks friend, I didn’t know that.

The PLA’s Eastern Theatre Command said it was holding joint exercises and training of naval and air forces, focussing on ship-aircraft coordination, seizing control and anti-submarine drills to the north and southwest of Taiwan to test the forces’ “actual combat capabilities”.

“This is a serious warning against Taiwan independence separatist forces colluding with external forces to provoke,” it said.

The Chinese are always so polite.

I would have said something like, you know… “we will bury you.”

Of course, everyone gets the meaning of China’s ridiculously polite menacing public statements, which have a long history steeped in Chinese governmental traditions, and have always been looked at as a weakness by white people.

The command released video footage purportedly taken on Saturday, showing J-16 and J-10 fighter jets and a naval destroyer on patrol.

In text accompanying the footage, set to a thumping orchestral score, it said the drills were to “test the actual combat capabilities of joint operations of forces in the theatre”.

These videos they’ve been releasing serve as a counterbalance to the polite verbal statements from the politicians.

They definitely have a “we will bury you” vibe.

Equipment deployed included destroyers, frigates and fast attack missile boats as well as fighters, early warning and jamming aircraft that “assembled in a predetermined area”, it said, without giving details.

The forces carried out “omnidirectional encirclement of the island”, the command said.

Taiwan’s government strongly condemned the drills, with the defence ministry saying it had the ability, determination, and confidence to ensure national security.

The government’s Mainland Affairs Council, which makes Taiwan’s China policy, urged Beijing to stop its intimidation and start talks, saying Taiwan’s people were determined to defend themselves and would never succumb to threats of force.

The Republic of China, Taiwan, is a sovereign country and has a legitimate and legal right to conduct normal diplomatic interactions with friendly countries,” it added in a statement, using the island’s formal name.

The Jewish media, of course, does not bother to communicate the weight of the term “sovereign nation” to the Western readership.

This is such a glaring “lie of omission” to not do a paragraph on the implications of this term “sovereign nation,” something which the leadership of Taiwan has really never said. Certainly, they’ve never said it since the 1970s, but they didn’t say it in the 1970s either. In the 1970s, they were still claiming that they were the legitimate government of China.

Kissinger and Nixon disabused them of this delusion, and now, with the war-crazed Democrats in charge, they are coming out with this new narrative about how actually, they are a totally separate country somehow, and Creepy Uncle Sam is ready to defend their Anal Objectives.

The “frontrunner” is going to America and saying this stuff about how he’s going to start a war with China to fight for independence, something that no one had even thought of until Biden took over.

Taiwanese officials had said China was likely to conduct military exercises near the island this week, using Lai’s U.S. stopovers as a pretext to intimidate voters ahead of next year’s presidential election and make them “fear war”.

Taiwan’s defence ministry released a short video of undated footage showing Taiwanese forces at sea, on city streets and across the countryside. Also set to orchestral music, the video was titled “firmly defend the defend national sovereignty and protect democratic freedom and people’s security!

Hours before the drills, U.S. President Joe Biden and the leaders of South Korea and Japan agreed at Camp David to deepen defence and economic cooperation, while reaffirming “the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait as an indispensable element of security and prosperity in the international community.”

I would love to see a poll of how many people in Taiwan think that Taiwan is “a soverign country” and are willing to go to war with China in the name of “Democratic Freedom.” I would suspect that this would be less than 10% of the country, maybe less than 5% of the country.

Taiwan’s separatism has been based on money from the beginning. A bunch of rich people from China fled to Taiwan when the communists took over China in the 1950s, and they said they were keeping their money.

This is ancient history now. China is almost to the same level, in terms of quality of living, as the Taiwanese, so there is just no longer any reason for them to be separatists. Chinese are wayyyyyy too autistic to grasp the subtle vagueness of “democratic freedom.”

The current Xi plan is to begin the process of reunifying the country in the 2040s, at which point there will be no difference between the economic status of Taiwan and that of the mainland. The plan of both countries was just to leave the status quo as it was pre-Biden, and just keep making money together until the reunification just kind of happened naturally.

The US went in and started saying “actually, Taiwan loves gay marriage, and they will die for it.” This is really the opposite of reality. Taiwanese love money, just like mainlanders love money, and both parties want to do whatever makes the most money.

In the long run, Taiwanese people benefit greatly from reunification.

Yes, the Taiwan issue is a source of national shame for mainland China, but as long as the Taiwan government is saying “yes, we’re a part of China, everyone understands that, we just don’t want to rush this thing,” China has no issue.

The situation is not complicated, and in fact is obvious. You can figure it out without me explaining it, and without really reading the background information. It’s obvious.

America is aware that Taipei is on the same page with Beijing, so they’ve created this crisis.

It’s not about semiconductors – unless the US starts a war. China was never trying to stop the US from accessing Taiwanese chips. China was never trying to do anything unreasonable.

This is all just a giant hoax.

The US knows that the Taiwanese are not a bunch of moronic field peasants who will believe anything like the Ukrainians, so their entire plan to instill them with fear about a violent communist conspiracy against them is probably not going to work at all. They actually grow up learning this background information.

However, if the US manages to trigger a crisis, it won’t matter what anyone thinks.

I suspect the election is going to be totally fake, and this warmongering nerd Lai will win and then become the new Zelensky.

This guy is the definition of a “troublemaker.”

You can read this article from 2017 (the language is very funny) about how the Taiwanese nationalists tried to have him charged with sedition in 2017 over various “independence” statements that were, back then, fringe lunacy (alternatively, they were described as “destructive” and “mysterious”).

He’s been groomed by the intelligence agencies and NED (National Endowment for Democracy) for this role as a war monger, just as Zelensky was groomed.

He went to Harvard, by the way. Just so you understand. He’s a graduate of Harvard University.

And you don’t have to look far to find his deep connections to NED. He just met with the organization’s leader last month, in fact.

Vice President William Lai, front right, meets with National Endowment for Democracy president Damon Wilson, front left, at the Presidential Office in Taipei on July 17, 2023

(Note: If you don’t know what NED is, just look it up, or find the articles I’ve written about it in the past – it’s an arm of the CIA, operating under the State Department, that provokes revolutions all over the world, in particular by training and then handpicking ideological figures – usually homosexuals – to run the governments of US-occupied states.)

So you have a Harvard graduate openly and aggressively tied to the revolutionary arm of the CIA.

Basically, it’s all exactly what it looks like to anyone who is not a drooling Fatmerican gay retard.

The good news is, unlike Zelensky, who wears green military crap all the time, when Taiwan is at war, Lai Ching‑te will be wearing floral pattered short sleeve shirts.