Argentina’s New President is a Kikesucker, Sucks Kikes Everywhere He Goes


This faggot never met a kike he didn’t want to suck.

He just goes around the world, sucking.

You’ve heard how Ash from Pokemon has to catch them all?

Well, Javier Milei has to suck them all – the kikes, that is.

New York Post:

Argentina’s new president is a longtime public admirer of the Israel and the Jewish people — and has close ties to the Big Apple’s Hasidic community.

Javier Milei was elected president of Argentina this week in a stunning upset. The libertarian firebrand has made headlines for vowing to vanquish socialism from the South American nation — and for a colorful past which includes a stint as a tantric sex teacher.

In September, just months before his election, Milei, 53, who is Catholic, traveled to New York City where he conferred with top Hasidic Jewish leaders in Brooklyn and Queens.

In other television appearances, Milei has boasted about favoring synagogues over churches and preferring to receive guidance from a rabbi over a priest.

Though he was raised Catholic, Milei has often clashed with Pope Francis, who he has called an “imbecile” and “son-of-a-bitch preaching communism.” He has publicly mused about converting to Judaism.

Milei has promised to visit Israel in his first overseas trip and — following the United States — move his nation’s embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

And he often cites Torah verses while discussing economic theory and has blown a tradtional Jewish shofar at political events. He has studied Jewish texts closely with his friend Argentine Rabbi Shimon Axel Wahnish, Haaetz reported.

This is such bullshit.

The internet is promoting this guy as “right wing.”

Just so you understand – let me just explain something to you: there is no such thing as “right wing” and “pro-Jew.” These things are mutually exclusive. You can be one or the other.

You can’t be both.

(Nb4 “but you support Trump.” I don’t want to talk about that.)