Israel Attacking Southern Gaza Could Push a Million Refugees Into Egypt, UN Warns

The Jews are claiming that all Palestinians are guilty of terrorism. They are saying this constantly, everywhere, and their American shills are repeating it.

That’s a member of the Israeli parliament.

If you search Twitter or Google News for “no innocents in Gaza” or “the myth of the innocent Palestinian,” you find hundreds or thousands of results. This is a big slogan.

As they’re saying this, they want to transfer these evil people to Europe. Or Egypt. Or wherever. To countries that support them.

The Guardian:

A resumed Israeli military assault in the overcrowded south of Gaza may lead many of 1 million refugees – including 900,000 sheltering in UN buildings – to try to push over the border into Egypt, the head of the UN’s Palestine relief agency UNRWA has warned.

After a second overnight visit to Gaza where he met overwhelmed Palestinians, Philippe Lazzarini urged Israel to think through the consequences of an offensive in the south if the temporary truce in the fighting is not extended.

We already have a staggering human tragedy,” he said in an interview, adding the prospect of a further assault feels him with deep anxiety and foreboding.

Philippe Lazzarini

We are in a race against time, and already disease is becoming as much a threat as the bombardment […] The combined impact of the bombardment and the siege has already pushed people to the south, if there is fighting there is indeed a higher likelihood that they might wish to flee further south and beyond the border.”

Lazzarini has become one of the most outspoken UN humanitarian officials in recent weeks, urging Israel to abide by the rules of law and proportionality.

He is concerned about the impact of fighting in the south, which he described as “completely overloaded” after Israel urged civilians in the north of the territory to move south for their own safety.

“The Gaza Strip was already known as being one of the most crowded places in the world. And now, you have the majority of the population moved towards the south,” he said.

The most crowded place in the world.

It’s more crowded than Singapore. And it doesn’t have the skyscrapers.

“So, you have the almost complete concentration of the population in half the territory – an area that cannot support such a presence because of even the lack of water.

It simply cannot cater to so many people. Remember people from Gaza City and the north have been asked to go to the south because they were told the south would be safer. Yet a large proportion have been killed in the south.”

They might go ahead and invade the south. They’re not doing well in the north.

They’re not even close to conquering Gaza City.

But it would be easy to just go slaughter refugees in the south.

He also urged Israel to think of its world standing. “The longer this war lasts, and the more people die there will be a very strong feeling in the region that international humanitarian law does not apply the same for everyone, the further the region will be polarised, and the further we will be from any peace prospect in the future,” he said. “We should never ever underestimate this feeling not just in Gaza, but in the region”.

Personally I don’t see how we can justify through the concept of proportionality and distinction, the killing of more than 15,000 people in 40 days, and among them, so many women and children. I don’t see how this can be justified through the concept of proportionality and self-defence. That’s a very personal view. By any account these are staggering figures, and a staggering human tragedy.”

Yes, it’s going to be a very big problem for the Jews.

No one has any sympathy left for them, and their entire existence is based on sympathy.