Israel Says They’re Resuming Their Attacks

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They’re going back in?

Are they going to attack Gaza City again, where they’re losing, or are they going to go into the south and slaughter more refugees?

Find out soon!


Israel has resumed its attacks on Hamas after a lull lasting several days, accusing the Palestinian armed group of violating the ceasefire. West Jerusalem has repeatedly said that it would resume the hostilities after the truce is over.

In a statement in the early hours of Friday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that “Hamas violated the operational pause, and in addition, fired toward Israeli territory.”

“The IDF has resumed combat against the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip,” it added. The military also announced that it was conducting air raids on Hamas targets in Gaza. Hamas has yet to comment on the development.

Meanwhile, the Office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas violated the framework of the agreement as it “did not meet its obligation to release all hostage women.”

Why would they release all the hostages without security guarantees? It makes no sense.

“Amid the return to combat, we stress the government of Israel is committed to achieving the goals of the war – releasing our hostages, eliminating Hamas and ensuring that Gaza can never again threaten the people of Israel,” it stated.

Earlier in the day, Israel said it had intercepted a launch from the Palestinian enclave, later adding that “a number of launches were identified from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli territory,” and that they “were not intercepted according to protocol.”

Both sides had accused each other on numerous occasions of violations in northern Gaza, which became the primary target of Israel’s ground offensive that began in late October.

The two sides agreed to a four-day Qatari-brokered ceasefire that took effect on November 24. The key part of the agreement was Israel’s pledge to release 150 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 50 of the approximately 240 hostages taken by Hamas since the crisis began on October 7. Israel also said it would extend the ceasefire by one day for every ten prisoners released by Hamas.

The truce has been extended several times, with Hamas releasing more than 100 hostages, including many foreigners, while Israel has freed around 240 Palestinians.

Israel can just kidnap the Palestinians again.

There is no information about how Israel is going to continue the war.

I think it’s likely they’re going to start killing people in the south, since the Gaza City operation isn’t really going anywhere.