As America Fails to Send Money to the Ukraine, Scholz Wants to Talk to Putin

John Kirby, a homosexual member of the Biden Mafia, said Thursday that 96% of the aid allocated to the Ukraine, of the 60 billion total, has been burned through. The Ukraine has nothing to show for this other than graveyards spanning for miles and the loss of more than twice the territory they would have lost if they’d simply surrendered in March of 2022 instead of following the US plan to “weaken Russia” by destroying their own country completely and killing around half a million boys and men.

The Jews in Israel appear to have successfully pressured America into ending most of its support for the Ukraine in order to provide Israel with more and more machines of carnage and death.

It’s so funny to me that two Jew countries are arguing with each other about who gets to fleece the goyim.

What a pathetic whelp the Western man has become.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has indicated that he is ready for fresh talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Ukraine conflict, while stressing his position that Moscow must make serious concessions to Kiev to convince it to come to the negotiating table.

Speaking to the German daily Heilbronner Stimme on Sunday, Scholz claimed that Russia’s campaign against Ukraine “is the return of imperialism in Europe,” saying that Berlin intends to support Kiev with arms and other forms of assistance “as long as necessary.”

However, he left the door open to diplomatic engagement with Russia, explaining that he had held discussions with Putin in the past and is ready to do so in the future.

Nevertheless, “negotiations [with Ukraine] require a decisive step from Russia,” the chancellor said, urging Moscow to withdraw its troops from the territory Kiev claims as its own.

This is so bizarre.

No one on the entire earth thinks a Russian withdrawal is feasible. Here this guy is saying “yes, we are clearly losing very badly, so we should start to negotiate, but also, I need to note that I really do think you should just offer a full and unconditional surrender for no reason.”

Meanwhile, a former top NATO guy came out and said that he wants to do a Korea in the Ukraine, and called for them to stop attacking Russia.


Ukraine will experience a “Korean-style miracle” if it stops fighting, gets limited NATO protection and rapidly rebuilds, preferably paid for by Russian money, according to retired US Admiral James Stavridis, NATO’s former top commander in Europe.

The retired naval officer offered a three-point plan for Ukraine in a column published by Bloomberg on Saturday. He argued that by halting the fight with Russia now, Kiev would be able to prevail in the long run.

“Ukraine will overtake Russia in a few decades in terms of gross domestic product, overall agrarian output, and certainly in the sense of being a vital, democratic society in which people want to live,” he wrote.


The people already left, bro. These bitches are all shacked up with dudes.

Africans will want to live there if you pay them. That’s really the only option at this point: building an African state in the new “West Ukraine.”

At this time, Kiev is in no position “to demand a complete Russian withdrawal from its territory,” Stavridis argued, touting his proposal as “a realistic scenario that will set Ukraine up for success over time.”

He claimed that while stopping hostilities would be a bitter pill for Ukraine to swallow, “Russian President Vladimir Putin will hate such an outcome as well.”

He will hate it if the enemy surrenders?

Interesting theory.

“It will mean he has obviously and fully failed in his objective of conquering all Ukraine,” he stated.


You know I said this would be the pivot line. You all heard it here: they will say “at least he didn’t take the whole thing, which he was trying to do!”

What he was trying to do was take two provinces. He now has the better part of four.

Putin’s original demand
The current territory that many Western leaders are now saying has to be surrendered to Russia

At any point before the war started, and for several months after the war started, the Ukraine could have offered their surrender, giving up the two provinces and agreeing not to join NATO. After Russia had to spill blood to take more territory, however, they said they were going to keep it. It’s fair enough.

But these people are saying whatever they’re saying to get people ready for the pivot.

The gas was already out of Ukraine’s tank before the Hamas attack on Israel. The State Department was admitting that they just don’t have any more men left to fight.

Now the US has pretty much stopped funding. They’re sending something to keep the country from collapsing, but it’s the bare minimum, and they appear to be giving up on trying to push through any more of these big aid packages.

In theory, there is unlimited money. But there are not unlimited weapons, and there are not unlimited Ukrainian men.

I obviously wanted to see Russia get Kharkov and Odessa, as did a lot of others. But the current lines are fine. Putin will presumably do a deal. But only if he gets full neutrality.

I also think (and a lot of Russians think) that there needs to be a UN peacekeeping force brought in to allow “Ukrainians” (we still don’t know the meaning of this term) caught on the wrong side of the line to cross over into Russian territory. Obviously, with the comparisons to the Koreas, we’re talking about an Iron Curtain type situation where people in the West are going to be locked inside and subjected to torture and brainwashing and everything else. So Russia should try to make a deal that lets them escape without being kidnapped and killed by the brutal Kiev regime.

West Keev, Circa 2031:

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