In the Wake of Elon Affirming the Jews are Out to Get Us, Ben Shapiro Plays “Good Cop”

In response to Elon Musk’s affirmation that Jews are indeed trying to destroy white people, Little Ben Shapiro is rushing in to play “good cop.”

Benny is saying that he’s a right-wing Jew.

He’s not even a right-wing Jew.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out with Candace Owens, Shapiro was on the left side of the biggest issues of our time: he supported forced vax, he supported the Ukraine war, he is a never Trumper. Further, he hates Jesus, and says he deserved to be murdered, and is trying to fire Candace Owens from a company he runs (The Daily Wire) because she quoted the Bible.

But he plays the “good cop” with Musk. He comes in and says “oh well, I understand your grievances with leftist Jews, but I just want everyone to be clear that it’s not all Jews.”

Ben Shapiro has repeatedly called me an “antisemite,” by the way, despite the fact that my entire critique is more or less the exact same thing as Elon affirmed by replying to that tweet.

Strangely, Ben is also claiming that anyone who opposes the war in Palestine is antisemitic, and, even more bizarrely, that they are against America, because you can’t be American if you don’t support Jews. (Elon has criticized the slaughter in Gaza, meaning he is, by Ben’s definition, also a mindless hater. But that’s… in a different context?)

So he uses this concept of “antisemitism,” which as we’ve explained many times, literally means “hating Jews for no reason.” He just throws it in different directions.

An actual “right-wing Jew” would say that “antisemitism” by this definition does not even exist. Everything that is called “antisemitism,” whether it is criticizing the Jewish domestic policy or criticizing the Jewish foreign policy, is based on opposition to Jewish policy. No one just randomly hates Jews. Maybe people express the critique in an unhelpful way sometimes, but everyone has a grievance. This idea that a criticism of behavior is actually wild, blind, irrational, nonsensical hatred has no place in civilized human discourse. Yet Shapiro uses this reasoning wildly.

Elon is going to fall back into this trap, just as he did last time with the #BanTheADL thing. He went on a podcast with Shapiro and the rabbis and said he loves the Jews so much, all his friends are Jewish, and actually, he wishes he was Jewish.

I had hope at first, as I always do, but he is all over Twitter walking back his statements.

He’s the one who posted this clip of Shapiro.

He retweeted this:

That might be the worst message he could possibly endorse: the claim that Greenblatt and Shapiro are acting in good faith.

They are doing pure good cop/bad cop against him. They are doing this consciously, and they might even be in regular communication, though they would not need to be.

These Jews are malicious. That must be said.